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Interview and Giveaway with Judith Ingram

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

My time travel romance trilogy, Moonseed, began as one long book. Its title came from a happy coincidence of the moon's mysterious power over the characters and the true name of a Chinese drug that also figures into the story's mystery. When I broke up the story into three volumes, the titles for each came directly from the content of each volume. In Book 1, Bridge to the Past, a real bridge has a reputation of being haunted and serves as the physical link between the present and the past, or between Victoria's world and Katherine's. Book 2, Borrowed Promises, follows the two women through a summer season of putting down roots and finding love in those borrowed lives they may have to give up when their year of exchange runs out. The possibility of being thrown back into their own times looms large in Book 3, Into the Mist, where the "mist" symbolizes the uncertain future and features significantly in the final scenes of the novel.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

When life opens a door, go ahead and walk through it. Adventure and fulfillment await those willing to take a risk and follow their hearts.

Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life?

The novel grew out of my own true life experience. I spent nine years in therapy as an adult, recovering from an abusive childhood. The story started writing itself as part of my reflective journaling. It wasn't until I had completed the work that I realized I had worked through my most painful issues with my mother and forgiven her through the work of Victoria and Katherine forgiving their mothers. That process still astounds me.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

That's a large question! Growing up I devoured Daphne du Maurier and gothic novels by Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt, with a little Dorothy Eden and Phyllis A. Whitney thrown in. I read Holt's Mistress of Mellyn so often that I could recite large sections of dialog and narrative. As an adult I've gravitated toward Dean Koontz. I love his writing; his use of language is precise and effective. Some of his stories are too dark and weird for me, but I always learn something as a writer when I read him. Patricia Highsmith is another master storyteller who writes flawlessly.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Definitely Daphne du Maurier. Her writing is exquisite, her stories compelling and never neatly wrapped up with a bow at the end. She is magnificent at creating atmosphere. I recently read her biography written by her daughter. One takeaway for me was how devoted she was to her writing. She put her stories and characters first, even above her own family. Although such devotion was not necessarily admirable or wise, it illustrates how even tremendous talent requires discipline to produce works like Rebecca that persist as classics down through generations of readers.

What book are you reading now?

I'm currently reading The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig, and last week I finished Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers. That was the first Christian novel I've read that did not read like a sermon thinly disguised as plot. The characters grapple with real life issues, and their faith seems a strong and natural part of their lives. My current Christian nonfiction read is Jesus Journey: 40 Days in the Footsteps of Christ, by René Schlaepfer. I heard a sermon by this guy and was blown away. The book so far is well researched, engaging, and inspiring. I'm also working through an excellent and helpful book on writing, entitled, Hook: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers At Page One and Never Lets Them Go, by Les Edgerton.

What books are in your to-read pile?

On the top of my fiction pile is Chris Fabry's newest novel, Every Waking Moment. A book by James Scott Bell, Write Your Novel From the Middle, is waiting on the top of my nonfiction pile.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?

I am working on a new novel, which like Moonseed is set in Sonoma County, California. A young woman who has just lost her mother to cancer and her husband to infidelity learns that she has a birth twin and determines to invite this stranger into her life.
Do you have any advice for other writers?

Know who you are and write out of who you are, not who you think the public wants you to be. Believe in your own work, that only you can write your truth in your own way, and then stand behind it. Learn to talk about yourself and your work without apology.
Borrowed Promises
Moonseed Trilogy
Book 2
Judith Ingram

Genre: paranormal romance

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing, LLC

Date of Publication: May 31, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9890632-4-1

Number of pages: 249 pages
Word Count: 73,300 (approx.)

Cover Artist: Elaina Lee/For the Muse Designs

Book Description:

On the night of the new spring moon, a near-fatal accident propelled Victoria Reeves-Ashton over a century back in time to awaken in the body of Katherine Kamarov.

Now, after three months of pretending to be Katherine and laboring to repair relationships damaged by Katherine's brash and selfish personality, quiet and gentle Victoria finds that her heart is putting down roots in Katherine's world, in her family relationships, and especially in a deepening friendship with Katherine's winsome cousin Michael.

Hidden letters reveal the story of other moonseed-time travelers like herself-and Victoria realizes that she and Katherine will likely be returned to their own times the following spring. Tension mounts when a rich and handsome suitor applies to marry her, and Victoria must choose whether to accept him for Katherine's sake or to follow her own heart.

Ryan Ashton, the husband Victoria left behind, is baffled by the woman his wife has suddenly become. Unwilling to believe her story about an exchange in time, Ryan struggles to understand the stark transformation of his timid, remote wife into a sexually aggressive and captivating siren. Against his better judgment, he falls hard for this new woman who is a perplexing mixture of cruelty, sensuality, and tenderness, a woman who he suspects has the power to either break his heart or heal the aching loneliness he has lived with all his life.


I bit my lip, wanting to avoid any subject that could ruin the easy camaraderie of our afternoons together. Michael had been friendly and funny, teasing me gently, treating me with the easy affection of an older brother. Once or twice I'd caught him watching me with a fierce intentness that made my heart skip. But then he'd grin or offer a quip that made us both laugh, and the uncomfortable moment would pass.
I enjoyed the lightness of our friendship, grateful for the reprieve. In the rose garden at Summerwood and later on the trip to San Francisco, I had felt the slow but persistent budding of a new feeling that both thrilled and frightened me. The lightest touch of Michael's hand pricked up hairs along my skin like electricity; his boyish grin twisted a slow, sweet pain deep into my body. His clean, male scent in close proximity could stun me with unexpected waves of need, often forcing me to look away so he wouldn't see the flame in my eyes.
I couldn't allow Michael to guess where my heart was taking me—because of Raymond.
Although many things were unclear to me, one fact seemed certain—Katherine must marry Raymond Delacroix and have at least one child with him. If I gave in to my new feelings for Michael, and if I were cruel enough to let him see them, then I risked both hurting him and ruining Katherine's chances with Raymond when she came back to her own time.
And Katherine would come back. I was convinced of it, all my desperate wishes to the contrary. She would marry Raymond, give birth to Elise, and secure a future that would eventually lead to her daughter painting a picture of Katherine and me at the bridge over Two Trees Creek. By the same token, I would return to life as a lingerie model and a cold marriage with Ryan Ashton. Ryan.
"What?" Michael's voice made me jump and turn my head.
"You said 'Ryan' again."
"I did?"
Michael had removed his glasses, and he blinked at me from only a foot away. God, he has beautiful eyes, I thought. Soft gray-green depths that held me breathless, fighting a slow, aching pull to be in his arms.
"He's…nobody," I said.
Michael was studying me, his eyes so solemn and searching that I couldn't look away. He didn't speak, but in that moment my heart yearned toward him, and he saw it. His expression changed. His gaze moved slowly from my eyes to my mouth.
I turned my face away and shut my eyes over a sudden sting of tears.
"Kat?" he said softly.
His voice held a new, cautious note of intimacy. A moment later his thumb brushed my wet cheek, and the tenderness of his touch wrenched a low cry from me. I pushed his hand away and struggled to sit upright.
"Don't touch me!" Pain made my voice sharp. "You can't touch me, Michael!"
But his hand was already under my elbow, helping me to sit. He pushed a handkerchief into my hand.
"Here. Take it." He sounded bewildered and hurt. "Seems you'd rather do the job yourself."
He watched me wipe my eyes and blow my nose with his handkerchief. I couldn't look at him, and after a moment he reached for his glasses and slipped them on.
In a tight voice he asked, "Do you still want to visit Union Square?"
I pressed the soggy handkerchief to my lips and nodded.
Michael pushed himself to his feet and thrust out a hand to help me up. We folded the blanket between us, careful not to touch each other's fingers, and he picked up the hamper. As we crossed the grass in uneasy silence, a fresh roll of tears made me reach into my handbag for a clean handkerchief. A flash of copper tumbled into the grass.
I stopped quickly, but Michael was quicker. He scooped up the coin, examined it briefly, and gave it back to me.
"You still carrying that thing around?"
I looked up at him, my handkerchief arrested halfway to my face. "My coin? What do you know about my coin?"
He squinted at me and frowned. "You're kidding, right? I was with you when you paid a nickel for that worthless thing at the county fair. You said it was good luck, and you carried it around in your pocket for years." He stopped at my look. "What is it?"
"Michael, are you certain this is the same coin?"
I handed it back to him. His gaze lingered on my face, puzzled, before he examined the coin. He weighed it briefly on his palm, flipped it over, and gave it back to me.
"Of course I'm certain." He pointed his finger at the familiar nick in the rim. "There's where the wagon wheel ran over it, and you were so furious because you thought the magic was ruined." He screwed up his eyes against the sun and studied me. "What's the matter with you, Kat? You're looking at me like I've got two heads."

I shook my head in dazed wonder, suspended once again in that universe where Katherine's world and mine overlapped and where it made perfect sense that her lucky coin should have somehow come to me—twice.

About the Author:

Judith Ingram weaves together her love of romance and her training as a counselor to create stories and characters for her novels. She also writes Christian nonfiction books and enjoys speaking to groups on a variety of inspirational topics. She lives with her husband in the San Francisco East Bay and makes frequent trips to California's beautiful Sonoma County, where most of her fiction characters reside. She confesses a love for chocolate, cheesecake, romantic suspense novels, and all things feline.

Website, blog & free weekly devotional: http://JudithIngram.com

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A Different Kind of Graphic Novel: Guest Blog and Giveaway

The Spirit & the Shadow really is a different kind of graphic novel, so much so, I really don’t like labeling it as one.  We have taken a different approach to the reading experience using dialogue interspersed with illustrations to build up certain parts of the story.  

We chose not to use dialog balloons.  We chose not to use "sound effects" (i.e. crack! boom!) We chose not to use any internal dialog or thought bubbles. The entire book, style wise, is more simplified.

Inspired by book styles such as The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck, our goal was to find a balance between the art and the words – to use the art to enhance and tell certain parts of the story, but not overwhelm it. During intense dialog, we want the reader to be focused on the words and not be sidetracked by the art. Conversely, during an action sequence, we want to literally paint the picture, and not have the reader pulled out of the moment with a line or unnecessary sound effect. 

The dialog is written as a script, with story boards – images inserted throughout dialog.  The style we implemented allows the reader to read left to right, up to down the page, and break from the dialog to view the image. We found this format gave us more control over the pacing and timing of certain aspects of the story.  

The book is only released in digital format.   Ultimately it served our story for the better.  By creating an eBook, we could control when images are seen, controlling the impact of major revelations in the story.   However, we have tried to not overuse this technique to prevent the reader from feeling like they were continually "swiping" the screen (to the point that it would be distracting or annoying).  

We hope this "hybrid" style encourages both graphic novel readers and traditional prose style readers to try our book. We wanted our work to be something you can pick up and enjoy in its entirety in one sitting.   We have tried our best to give you something to escape into, that will leave you with a complete story, but also wanting to know what happens next ... and we promise you, there is a "next"!

Thank you for reading!  Please check out our book: The Spirit and The Shadow, and enter to win the free book giveaway.  Also, please share your comments below, and I will be checking out Roxanne’s Realm during the day to respond to any comments or questions!  

The Spirit and The Shadow
Book 1
Author: Thomas Lavalle
Illustrator: Brandon Swope

Genre: Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: No Rules Media Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9780991461004

Number of pages: 180
Word Count: 11,000

Cover Artist: Brandon Swope

Book Description:

A fast-paced, paranormal suspense thriller from a new creative team that keeps you on the edge of your seat as you are pulled into the chase for a vampire by those who want his secret, others who are out for justice, and one man seeking revenge.

In a world where vampires and humans coexist, Detectives Aiden Lawson and Robert Garrison are after a vampire wanted for murder. This accused vampire is also hunted by the murder victim's brother, an assassin gone rogue from his clandestine agency. What these men will learn, is that this vampire has a secret – a secret that very powerful men and vampire alike will go to great lengths to acquire. The story follows the paths of these individuals as they uncover the truth. THE SPIRIT AND THE SHADOW is a mash-up of conspiracy and paranormal genres with suspense, vengeance, and BLOOD!

Available at  iTunes    Lulu    Amazon   Google Play

About the Author:

I have been advised against announcing that I am a first-time author – that it is basically asking a reader to take a chance in my book even though I have no track record.  I have no history in fiction writing, never won any awards, and never took a literature or writing class (outside of basic 101 level college courses).  While not advised, it is the truth, and as honest as this bio is, so is my writing.  My name is Thomas Lavalle.  I am a first time writer. I also surf, read comics, and I’m a dedicated father and husband. If you’re interested in paranormal suspense - take a chance and check out my book, it’s awesome!

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Interview and Giveaway with Alexa Grace

What inspired you to become an author?

I've wanted to write books since childhoodI wrote a romantic suspense novel in 1985, went the traditional route and it was not published.  I made a career change that year and for the next 25 plus years, I devoted myself 100% to my corporate training management positions.  When I lost my corporate job in 2011, I did a lot of Internet research in self-publishing.  Indie authors like Theresa Ragan and John Locke really motivated me to take the Indie route. Like them, I wanted to retain control of book design, writing, marketing, etc.  Thus, my Indie journey began.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

The title PROFILE OF TERROR refers to the terror a community would experience if two teenaged thrill killers and an escape serial killer were abducting and killing at will.  The title also ties in ex-federal agent Carly Stone's creation of profiles that will help the Shawnee County Sheriff Team find their killers before another life is lost.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?
I create the title of each book before I start writing.  I always have a general idea of what the book will be about.

Is there a message in your novels that you want readers to grasp?

I hope I am successful in communicating that women need to take measures to make sure they are safe at all times.   In DEADLY DECEPTION, my character, Frankie Douglas, teaches a women's self-defense class.  Her message in this scene is the importance of the 'leave-me-the-hell-alone' body language” when women are out alone in public.  Here is another lesson Frankie taught: 
"Another woman asked, "What if the worst happens and you are the victim of a carjacker?"
"For one thing, you don't consider yourself a victim — ever.  Right?  My best girlfriend was abducted last year and she did what I'd do if it happened to me.  She was scared, but she kept her wits about her.  She was driving and knew she was protected by a seat belt as well as an airbag.  Her attacker was in the backseat pressing a gun to her cheek and wasn’t protected by either.  She rammed her SUV into a large tree.  The impact sent her attacker flying over the seat into the dash and knocking him unconscious long enough for her to escape."

In PROFILE OF TERROR, character Carly Stone teaches Frankie's self-defense course since Frankie has just given birth. Carly teaches how critical it is for women to be acutely aware of their surroundings at all time.  Here is a scene from the book:
"A woman sitting next to Kaitlyn raised her hand.  Carly recognized her as a waitress from Mollie's café.  "I've heard that jerks who attack women look for certain things before they make their move.  Is that true?"
"Yes." Carly said, nodding her head.  "Just like predators in the wild, human predators have a mental process for choosing their victims.  One of the things they favor is women wearing a ponytail or braid because it can be easily grabbed.  Clothing on women that predators prefer are short skirts, which can be easy for them to remove or push up, or anything with straps, like a camisole, that can be cut." 
Carly turned to write on the whiteboard behind her with a black marker.  She wrote "Don't look like a victim."  Facing the class again, she was pleased to see most of the women taking notes.
"When you are out in public, don't look like a victim.  Try to stay in areas with more people, and walk with a purpose, with confidence.  Predators go after the weak, so make sure your facial expression says, 'Don't mess with me.'"
On the whiteboard, Carly wrote "Always be aware of your surroundings." 
"That means don't allow technology to distract you.  One thing I hate to see is a woman jogging, listening to her iPod, seemingly lost in the music.  Please don't do this.  Pay attention at all times to what is going on around you.  Don't talk on your cell or listen to your iPod when you're alone in a public place.  Do a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree assessment.  Know who is in your immediate vicinity at all times."
The waitress raised her hand to ask another question.  "I usually get off work late at night.  Would you please talk a bit about car safety?"
"Absolutely," Carly said.  "Predators target places where you park your car, during the daytime as well as at night.  One thing you should do to proactively protect yourself is to have your keys in your hand."  She picked up her own keys.  "I like to thread each key between my fingers like this, so my keys become a weapon if needed.  Take out your keys and try this."

If you had to choose, which writer would you want to be your mentor?

I've never had a mentor, so if I could choose one, I'd choose a team of two: James Patterson and Nora Roberts.

What book are you reading now?

I am reading James Patterson's new book INVISIBLE which has to be his most chilling stand-alone book ever.  FBI research analyst, Emmy Dockery finds the link between hundreds of unsolved murder cases — but no one will believe her.  Add her ex, field agent Books Bookman and the two races against time to catch the prolific killer.  Lots of suspense and twists and turns.  My kind of book.

What books are in your to read pile?
Profile of Terror
Profile Series
Book Two
Alexa Grace

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Publisher:  Golden Publishing, L.L.C.

Date of Publication: May 2014

ISBN-10: 0985593962
ISBN-13: 978-0-9855939-6-4

Number of pages: 263
Word Count: 80,583

Cover Artist:  Christy Carlyle of Gilded Heart Design

Book Description:

A missing coed named Abby Reece.

Two clever thrill killers are committing the most brutal, public, and horrifying abductions and murders in the county’s history.  The killers, known as the Gamers, have done this before, and are now upping their evil game to a new level.  The question is — can they be stopped before they kill again?

Things get complicated.

When an ex-girlfriend goes missing, Private Investigator Gabe Chase is obsessed with finding her.  But once her naked and posed body is discovered, the investigator becomes the investigated.  His passion for the victim’s beautiful sister is a complication he doesn't need, as he helps solve the county’s most baffling, terrifying murder cases ever.

Add a sociopathic serial killer who calls himself the Master.

A serial killer so deadly, the FBI’s behavioral analysts want to know when and why he began killing, as well as the identification and location of additional victims.  He will speak only to former federal agent, Carly Stone, a woman he blames for his capture.  When the profiler finds herself at the mercy of this ruthless killer, his becomes the most terrifying profile of all.

Profile of Terror

Three chilling villains, two passionate love stories, and pulse-racing suspense with startling plot twists keep readers on the edge of their seats from page one of this heart-pounding and unforgettable romantic suspense.

Book Trailer:  http://youtu.be/wZKSJmrHrRM   

Available at   Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA   Amazon AU   BN

Excerpt #2
Going down the stairs, Kaitlyn felt a little ball of need that burst to life in the pit of her stomach that could only mean one thing — she was physically attracted to Gabriel Chase, Private Investigator.  Seriously?  She gave herself a little shake.  No way.  She could not be attracted to this man.  Sure, the man was hotter than hot, and had a body designed purely to give a woman hours and hours of female pleasure.  But if he dated her sister, like Dr. Ramsey told her, he must be operating on less than half his brain power, and have no sexual scruples.  Why?  Because that was Abby's kind of man — eye candy on her arm on campus, no pressure from him for a real relationship, and like her, only in it for the sex.
Gabriel Chase was an amazing specimen of masculinity, who could undoubtedly get any woman he wanted.  She wanted a man who only had eyes for her.  And if he were the least bit attracted to her, it was probably for a one-night-stand.  And if there was one thing Kaitlyn didn't want, it was a fling.  She wanted to settle down with a man who was both a lover and a best friend — someone who was in it for the long haul.  She wanted happily ever after.
Compared to her sister, Kaitlyn was a Girl Scout with a badge in chastity.  Okay, she wasn't completely chaste, thanks to Mitch Bargo, her no-good ex-fiancé, who'd turned her world upside down.  And not in a good way.  Just the thought of Mitch sent her stomach swirling and her teeth gritting.
Kaitlyn got into her car, plopping down in the driver's seat, slamming the door, and then locking it.  As she turned the ignition on, a thought sizzled through her brain.  Knowing Abby as well as she did, she was convinced that Abby dumped Gabe.  As if she enjoyed it, her sister always had to be the one who broke up the non-relationship.  Abby didn't have relationships.  She hated the thought of being with any man more than a couple of weeks.  So if Dr. Ramsey was correct and Abby dated Gabe for a month, it was highly unusual.  For Abby, boredom always set in, and it was time to say good-bye.  Abby had a way of breaking up with a man that didn't include sensitivity or empathy.  The harder they took the break-up, the more she enjoyed it.
Her mind raced with all the possibilities, and one of them went on repeat.  She couldn't get rid of the thought, fear, or whatever it was.  What if Abby used her typical lack of finesse to break up with Gabe and she angered him so much that he made her disappear?  If a private investigator specialized in finding people, he could be a master in knowing how to make people vanish.  Right?

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling Author, Alexa Grace began her writing journey in March 2011 when the Sr. Director of Training & Development position she'd held for thirteen years was eliminated. A door closed but another one opened. She finally had the time to pursue her childhood dream of writing books. Her focus is now on writing riveting romantic suspense novels.

Alexa Grace is consistently listed in top twenty of Amazon's Top 100 Most Popular Authors in the categories Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural.  In 2013, she was named one of the top 100 Indie authors by Kindle Review. A chapter is devoted to her in the book Interviews with Indie Authors by C. Ridgway and T. Ridgway.

Her books Deadly Offerings, Deadly Deception, and Deadly Relations are listed in e-retailer's Top 100 Bestselling Romantic Suspense and Police Procedural Books.  Deadly Offerings has not left the top ten bestselling free mystery romance and police procedural books since 2011.

Deadly Holiday, published in November 2012, is her holiday-themed romantic suspense novella, featuring all her Deadly Trilogy characters.

Alexa Grace's book Deadly Relations is included in the bestselling book set The Perfect Ten along with Dianna Love, Norah Wilson, Nancy Naigle, Andrienne Giordano, Misty Evans, Sandy Blair, Mary Buckham, Tonya Kappes and Micah Caipa.

Profile of Evil, the first book of the Profile Series was published in May 2013. Profile of Terror was released in May 2014  and Profile of Fear will be released in 2015.

Earning two degrees from Indiana State University, Alexa currently lives in Florida. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

Her writing support team includes five Miniature Schnauzers, three of which are rescues. As a writer, she is fueled by Starbucks lattes, chocolate and emails from readers.

You can visit her website at - http://www.alexa-grace.net/

Subscribe to her newsletter at - http://eepurl.com/sJ-Df

Tweet her - @AlexaGrace2

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Interview with Amy Reade

1.     Do you write in different genres?

I do write in different genres, but romantic suspense is the only genre in which I have published a novel.  I write short essays based on my everyday experiences, which people tend to find funny but many of which I can only laugh at long after they take place.

2.    If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

The answer is that it depends.  If I’m writing a novel, romantic suspense is my favorite genre.  But if I’m writing something to submit to a literary journal or a short submission for my critique group, I like to write personal essays. 

3.    Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?

I try to come up with a title first, but that doesn’t always happen.  In the Work-in-Progress notebook that I always have with me, there is a page dedicated to possible titles for the current book.  Whenever I come up with something that might be suitable, I write it down.  My editor comes up with a short list, too, and we work together to narrow the list down. 

4.    Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

I wouldn’t say there’s really a message, but I do have a goal.  My goal is to make readers feel like they’re in the Thousand Islands along the St. Lawrence River in upstate New York with the protagonist, Macy.  I want them to feel the things that she feels, see the islands for the first time, and experience what it’s like to live on the water among all the other islands.  It’s a beautiful place that I hope readers will want to visit. 

5.    If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I would say my mentors have been Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen, though their writing styles are worlds apart.  Hemingway has an amazing ability to express emotion and describe places by using language minimally.  Austen can take a subject and write a story about it with a sharp wit and make it relevant for any time period. 

6.    What book are you reading now?

Right now I’m in the middle of Death of an Irish Diva, a story by Mollie Cox Bryan, a delightful woman I met recently.  It’s about the untimely and highly suspicious death of a woman internationally renowned as an Irish dancer.  The suspects are piling up, as are the secrets about the victim, and I can’t wait to see whodunit! 

7.    What books are in your to read pile?

My TBR (to be read) pile is about as tall as I am.  

Secrets of Hallstead House     
Amy M. Reade

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Date of Publication: July 17, 2014

eISBN-13: 978-1-60183-299-3
eISBN-10: 1-60183-299-0

ISBN-13: 978-1-60183-300-6
ISBN-10: 1-60183-300-8

Number of pages:  appr. 273
Word Count: appr. 82,000

Formats available: ebook, print-on-demand

Book Description:

Macy Stoddard had hoped to ease the grief of losing her parents in a fiery car crash by accepting a job as a private nurse to the wealthy and widowed Alexandria Hallstead.

But her first sight of Summerplace is of a dark and forbidding home. She quickly finds its winding halls and shadowy rooms filled with secrets and suspicions. Alex seems happy to have Macy’s help, but others on the island, including Alex’s sinister servants and hostile relatives, are far less welcoming.

Watching eyes, veiled threats…slowly, surely, the menacing spirit of Hallstead Island closes in around Macy. And she can only wonder if her story will become just one of the many secrets of Hallstead House…

Available at Amazon

About the Author: 

Amy M. Reade is a debut author of romantic suspense.  A native of upstate New York, she grew up in the Thousand Islands region and was inspired by the natural beauty of that area to write her first novel, Secrets of Hallstead House.  She now lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children, a Bouvier des Flandres named Orly, and two rescued cats who refuse to answer to their names of Porthos and Athos.

Upon graduation from Cornell University and Indiana University School of Law, Amy practiced law in New York City, but soon discovered that her dream job was writing.  In addition to volunteering with school, church, and community groups, Amy is currently working on her second novel, set in the area around Charleston, South Carolina.

Though Amy lives within sight of the Atlantic Ocean, she is partial to the blue waters of the Pacific and spends as much time as possible on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is the setting of her as-yet-unwritten third novel.

Twitter:  @readeandwrite

Kensington website:  http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/author.aspx/29480

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Deal Sharing Aunt

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Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

July 17 review
Barb Taub

July 18 Interview
Pembroke Sinclair.  

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fuonlyknew ~ Laura's ramblins and reviews

July 18 Review
More Romance Please

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