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Between Him and a Hard Place by Kelex

Between Him and a Hard Place

A Wicked Tale
ARe Books

Genre: M/M, Dystopian, Vampires, PNR

About the Book:

They survived catastrophe, but can they live on together?

Archer survived the zombie virus that brought down the world by doing things he didn’t know he was capable of.  When his traveling companion is murdered by dead ones, he knows his time has come.  Seconds before he’s slaughtered, a combat vehicle crashes through the scene and a masked man saves the day—a man he feels inexplicably drawn to.

Only the man isn’t a man, but a vampire.

Syn is a tracker, sent out by his kind to find and protect the last of the humans and the precious blood in their veins. Archer isn’t like the others he’s found.  He feels tied to the human in a way he can’t explain.  The two come together explosively, both fighting the intense emotion they feel before running to escape their burning lust.

Can they find a way back to one another?

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Archer heard an engine rev out of nowhere, and a huge vehicle ran through the crowd of dead ones, mowing them down with ease. The passenger door was flung open before him. A masked man stared at him, hiding who his potential savior was. Or if he could trust whomever was behind it.

“Get in!” a tinny voice cried out.

Without much more consideration, as the inside of that truck was better than the death surrounding him, he jumped in. The man stepped on the gas before Archer could barely even attempt to slam the door closed, not that he could’ve had he wanted to.

“Get the door shut and fast!”

“I’m trying,” Archer screamed, stabbing his hunting knife into the head of a dead one clinging to the door. As soon as he kicked that one off, he jammed his knife into another, slamming the door on another set of decaying fingers and slicing them off. They fell in his lap, still wiggling.

A dozen dead ones hung on to the hood of the truck, which was being spun from side to side, trying to fling the creatures off. Archer reached for a non-existent seatbelt and then held on for dear life.

“Hold on to the wheel,” the guy screamed, rolling down his window.

The driver lifted a pistol as Archer grabbed the huge wheel and leaned out. One by one, he got the dead ones between the eyes, and they fell under the moving vehicle. Bouncing as they rumbled over the bodies, Archer tried to keep the thing on the road. He wasn’t even sure what it was. It was something between a truck and a tank, with an Army vibe. The tech surrounding the wheel was anything but Army-issued, though. Whatever it was, he’d never seen anything like it, and was more than happy to have seen it when he did.

Finally, the driver dropped back into his seat, the dead ones gone from the hood. Just as he began to roll up his window, a hand reached in. Lightning quick, the guy sliced the hand off with a scary-looking blade, then proceeded to roll his window up.

Archer leaned back into his seat and stared at the road ahead, stunned as hell he’d made it out alive. His heart continued to thump hard in his chest as he stared at the masked driver.

“Syn,” the guy said with that robotic-sounding voice. He held out his gloved hand.

Archer really took in the guy’s appearance for the first time. He wore some weird gas mask-like thing with goggles. Here it was, the middle of the summer, and he was covered from head to toe in black leather, from his neck to his gloved fingers and shitkickers.

“Syn’s short for Synclair,” the guy said again, still offering his hand. “As in my name. You’ve got one, right?”

“Archer,” he answered, finally taking the extended hand. “I can’t thank you enough,” he added as he shook it.

“No problem. I’ve been following you for weeks,” the masked man said, returning his hand to the wheel and looking ahead. “I’ve been just a day or so behind you for the last week. Good thing I caught up when I did.”

Archer frowned, his hackles rising. “Why were you following me?”

“I find humans to take to the Southern Citadel.”

The Southern Citadel? “Wait, what?”

“You haven’t heard of the Citadels?” he asked, glancing over at Archer.

Archer shook his head.

“There are three human cities. They’re walled and protected and already teeming with people. It’s my job to help find the last of the humans to take there so some sort of civilization can start again.”

Human cities? Walled and protected? It sounded too good to be true. And he’d learned anything that sounded too good to be true likely was. Even with his doubt, only one question truly came to mind. “You guys got food and water there?”

The masked man chuckled. “All you could ever want.”

“Then what are we waiting on?” Archer knew he might be walking into a trap, but the promise of hot food and a hot shower was too good to ignore. He was running on empty. He needed to regroup.

He glanced at the man driving, again wondering about the weird get-up, but weird was now the norm in their fucked up world.

About the Author:

Kelex is a bestselling gay erotica author, writing contemporary to fantasy to sci-fi and everything between.

Living in the south, Kelex swelters at the laptop, writing spicy tales to the sound of soulful jazz music in the background.

For more information on Kelex’s books, please visit

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Interview- Always Have and Always Will by Stella McLeod

What inspired you to become an author? 

Creative writing was something I loved at school. My brother was a couple of years ahead of me and a straight A student in Maths, Physics and Chemistry so you can imagine the horror of the science teachers when I stumbled along in his footsteps barely managing to get a pass. But I was good at English, entered competitions and started winning awards and that positive reinforcement encouraged me to swap from science to arts subjects. I went on to become dux of the school in my final year and winning a scholarship to University where I took a degree in Psychology. You could say I became a Clinical Psychologist due to my writing.

Do you have a specific writing style? 

I enjoy reading first person, present tense, so I tend to gravitate to that as a writer. Although it has the limitation of narrowing the point of view and excluding the rich details that other characters can provide, I find it is more engaging, more like a conversation between that one character and the reader. I also love dialogue as it is immediate, personal and can be the vehicle for emotions and humor without lengthy fillers and description.   In the Omega series that first person voice is always the heroines so it also means she has blind spots and is missing information that might save her life. I also like things to move along at a cracking pace, so although the setting may not change for a chapter or two my characters will be dealing with change and challenges at a pace that they can barely draw breath. I use short sentences and a clipped, somewhat staccato style to achieve this. Setting is also important to me so I choose exotic locations and settings and this allows me to change from dialogue and action to a more luxurious descriptive style.

Do you write in different styles? 

Yes I write in different styles, different genres and for different reasons. Over the years I’ve written medico-legal reports for the courts, professional journal articles and conference papers for Psychologists, scripts for pre-school TV shows, YA and teenage fiction books, children’s picture books, a series of technical cookbooks for The Culinary Library (I’ve written 4 of 20so far) and novel length romances. When I committed to writing full time I knew, both consciously and subconsciously, it was the Romance novels I wanted to focus on. I write both contemporary and paranormal romance but I have a delicious series in the pipeline after the three books in the Omega series. It will be called “The Bedlam Club” and I’m already excited by it’s characters and plot.  It will be my first foray into historical romance (1700’s). I’m working on changing my voice, style of writing to accurately capture both that period setting and dialogue.  At this stage it’s still first person but I may change that.

If yes which is your favorite genre to write? 

Romance writing is definitely my favorite genre. To me, it is the best at exploring the many facets of human relationship, but in the end it is the ONLY genre that absolutely delivers what I believe most of us are ultimately looking for throughout all stages of life from childhood to death, acceptance, love and a place of peace and acceptance where we feel good about ourselves and the world. (or as my heroine in Always Have and Always Will says, she just wants to feel beloved on the earth.)

How did you come up with the title for your latest book? 

I love the immediacy of images, probably because I’m a Psychologist and a great believer in subconscious intelligence. Unlike the conscious brain, which is language based, the subconscious or instinctual brain deals in images and feelings so I gravitate to images for inspiration the same way Buddhists gravitate to mandala. I have a LOT of wonderful image boards on Pinterest! One is a meme board (word sayings overlayed on an evocative image). I came across a meme of an old saying, Loved you yesterday. love you still, always have and always will. And that was it! I registered that same day and began writing the first Omega Series book.

Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete? 

Title. Definitely. First.  To me it’s like naming a child.  In the beginning there was the word......and for me that’s the title........I can’t start without it.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

I want readers to grasp what ever is meaningful for them and that will be different for each person. For me though there are several messages. The central theme is never-give-up but there are others, good-things-come-to-those-who-wait, bad-things-happen-to-good-people, the-body-has-it’s-own-intelligence, the-warriors-path-is-tough etc.

Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life? 

No. Definitely not in the sense you mean. 

What books/authors have influenced your life? 

Too many to remember. From Mary Grant Bruce’s Billabong series and Mary Stewart’s historicals in my childhood, to Tolkein when I was a teenager. As an adult I’ve loved Katherine Mansfield, Colette, Chechov. Romance I just consume like a smorgasborg.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Katherine Mansfield 

What book are you reading now? 

Gabon by my friend Marius Gabriel. Did you know he used to write under the pseudonym Madeleine Ker, and has written over 30 romance novels in the past 30 years? He had to write as a woman to get published!

What books are in your to read pile? 

I read on my kindle so I’ve always got stacks of downloads waiting to be read.  J.D Robb, Devoted in Death, maybe or a Louis Lamour.

What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects? 

I’m working on book two in the Omega Series at the moment, Always, Only and Forever. It’s cracking along, then I’ll do book three, Love me, One last Time. I have a contemporary romance on the back burner that’s nearly finished but I think I’ll do my Bedlam Club series after the last Omega.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 


Current work as in new release, Always have and Always Will: This a snippet from the first sex scene . It is confrontational in both action and language, is meant to be, because it's a major turning point and a key character reveal.

It’s my turn to groan and I let him know it’s pleasure merged with pain. I see his muscles bunch and strain as he attempts to rein in his ambition and backs off just a little but not enough. I move backwards but he follows with a ragged “no,” wanting only what he wants, his big hands under my hips holding me angled to him, making sure I stop so he can stay deep, inside. When he knows he has me secured he drops his head to my shoulder and begins to move with a rhythmic power, a carnal invasion that is the conquest I dread. I want to scream, “hey, remember me? I’m the woman you have your dick inside!” but that thought has slipped his mind and I know from experience that it isn’t coming back because he’s closed to me for now.

I turn my head into his shoulder, no pretense of happiness required, bite my lower lip to fight back the tears. I don’t want it to be like this, don’t know if I can do this again, but he’s too busy now. He won’t notice what I’m thinking or what I want. He won’t notice anything until he’s finished. 

It’s still lust for him then, this thing between us, not love.

Because he thinks love is a personal weakness. 

Because he thinks emotions must be controlled. 

Because it’s not his heart that’s breaking. 

“Go on then, break my heart Alexander Petrakis. Break it every day for the next two thousand years if you must. It isn’t going to change anything. It isn’t going to change how I feel. My heart was only ever made to love you, anyway. It’s only capable of loving you. It’s no good to anyone else.”

Current work as in Always, Only and Forever: Work in Progress: Book two of the Omega Series. Unlike book 1, in book two the hero loves the heroine but she doesn’t love him. This is just after a the first sex scene  where he’s re-entered her life (in an ancient egyptian temple) and forced himself upon her.

“Pledge to me again, marry me Issy. I will say any words you want, before my God’s, your God’s, any Gods you choose, but be mine again, ” he pleads.

 “Why?” I ask, “Immortality is just torture when you make the same mistake for centuries.”
“Because I love you,” he states simply, still pulsing inside me.

“You are my enemy,” I remind him,  “the men in my family will kill you, kill both of us if they know we are coupling, like this, again. You say you hate violence but you force me against my will,” I sigh and turn my head away, “you say you want peace but your love for me will start a war.” 

“It will be worth it,” he says. 

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

PLOT.  There are so many possibilities and choices it takes time to decide on the best sequencing of events. Everything has to flow, not just logically but emotionally. It has to make sense not just to the conscious mind but be fulfilling to the subconscious as well. 
Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 
Again Katherine Mansfield is my favourite dead author (and Louis Lamour) .They both often wrote in first person, present tense, with clipped sentences, repetition and brutal honesty. And both torture their characters and make them suffer.

Do you have to travel much to do research for your books?

No. Only in my imagination. I’ve been around the world before, to all the places in my books, so I don’t need to do that anymore. I do travel to Bali each summer for a two week writing retreat with my dear friend and romance writer, Elsa Holland, and some other writing buddies.  I’m moving permanently from South Australia to the Gold Coast In Queensland in a couple of months to live near my two beautiful daughters so maybe my next book will be set there. 

Who designed the cover of your latest book? 

The wonderful Hang Le. She designs Kylie Scott’s, Elsa Holland’s and many other beautiful covers. Paranormal covers need to be dark and edgy with a sense of mystery. The digital image of Anastasia was created by a brilliantly talented New Zealand digital artist Deanne Whitmore who I’ve commissioned to images for my next two covers the series. 

Do you have any advice for other writers? 

Read. Write. Read. Write. Etc etc

Do you have a song or playlist (book soundtrack) that you think represents this book? 

Not yet. I’m working on that. Haven’t found one I like yet. I’ll let you know if I find one, happy to have suggestions. 

Always Have and Always Will
The Omega Series
Book 1
Stella McLeod

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: October 1, 2015

ISBN: 1500270598
ASIN: 978-1500270599

Number of pages:  264
Word Count: 70,000

Formats available:  pdf

Cover Artist: Hang Le

Book Description: 

Reincarnation is easy until you have to face being murdered a second time. A life destroyed 2000 years in the past, a buried Greek temple with the secret to Immortality, ancient families torn apart by betrayal and a modern reincarnated woman who holds the key.

Ana Black thinks a villa on a Greek Island will be the perfect summer holiday but her plans don’t include Alexander Petrakis. He’s an ancient warrior who thinks he’s Immortal, says he’s waited 2000 years for her to return and claims she’s his reincarnated lover, a woman he freely admits he failed to protect in her past life. Even if she believes him and gives him a second chance, what hope he won’t fail her again?

With a past she cannot escape and a future he cannot accept, all they have is the present. Will they find a way or are they both out of time?

Available at Amazon
Chapter 1. Island of Monemvasia, Greece. Present day.

“I would rather be tied to the soil as another man’s serf ...than be King of all these dead and destroyed.” ~ HOMER, The Odyssey

When the last shutters close nothing moves but the wind in the trees and the thin fabric of my dress as it drums and billows in the air.
I knew it was a mistake, like my hair. When I’d left it had been neatly arranged in a loose knot and now it’s unraveling out of control. Like my life.
The streets are quiet and everyone is inside but I try not to think about the shitty weather, try to pretend it’s not a bad omen. The oppressive summer heat has given way to warm autumn days that gave no hint of the winter to come, the blue skies were bluer, the air cleaner.
Until today. Today the grey started and rain threatened.
A short while ago I felt safe, now my imagination creates danger where there is none. But it doesn’t matter, just like the rain and mist in the darkening streets don’t matter and the shutters closed against the coming storm don’t matter. The local villagers snug and warm behind those shutters though, are smarter than me.
But I have no choice. I have to meet him or the Greek authorities are going to burn my passport, lock me up and throw away the key.
I rub my arms, not for warmth but to brush away the goose bumps that thinking of Alexander Petrakis brings. I should be scared and I am, I should abandon my crazy plan but I can’t, and if I try walking any faster in these high-heeled shoes skipping the country is going to be a lot harder with a broken leg.
So I keep my head down, watching for rising cobblestones that might trip me up and see a scruffy dog instead. He’s too happy to see me, too sad to be anything but a stray. If he were mine I’d have him inside on a night like this. So I stop for a few minutes to give him a scratch behind the ears and a few words of comfort.
“Gotta go now,” I say shooing him off gently, making promises I can’t keep, watching him amble away with his hunched shoulders and limp tail in search of comfort and shelter he will never find. I walk away fast, think of other things but my hearts racing and breaking for not turning around and not doing the right thing. I should take a lesson from him, do a runner and take him with me. But it’s too late for me for that.
I pass an ancient olive tree that flashes its leaves to me in the wind, flipping them silver to green then silver again, sending me a thousand SOS’s. I ignore their warning and instead look out to sea at the jutting island with its crumbling relic and ancient ruins that fills tourists with awe. I shudder. It makes my flesh crawl and affects my mood. Dark weather stirs dark thoughts, and dark thoughts are perfect for dark deeds.
Across the narrow straight of choppy sea I estimate distance, current, and opportunity. It’s far, but not too far to steer a boat against the tide. I calculate the risk of missing the dock against the likelihood of being smashed against the rocks; glad I didn’t make that mistake.
That mistake I avoided by going the long way around and walking across the long causeway, but I’ve made plenty of others.
He’s chosen the place. I would have preferred the plush Chrisovoulo or the Kastraki for our meeting rather than his stuffy restaurant but he’s insisted, owns it evidently. I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end because I doubt I’ll feel safe anywhere in Greece at the moment. At the moment I just feel betrayed.
I walk along the waterfront then turn into the small lane and make my way carefully up the steps to the Bellagio. I don’t want to open the door. That fact alone should chill me to the bone, instead
I’m on fire, feel slightly sick, getting a temperature maybe. I take a deep breath, push harder and step across the threshold into my future and a blast of hot air where my skin is cold, then hot, then cold again; tingling with dread or excitement, I’m not sure which. My senses are confused. My life is confused. Same old, same old, nothing new tonight then for Ana Black.

About the Author:

McLeod’s books deliver exotic and interesting locations with characters flawed in quirky everyday ways and as a Clinical Psychologist, she draws on psychological insights into human behaviour and motivation to bring her story and characters to life. Published for over twenty years in a variety of media including television, books, electronic and print media, with additional qualifications as a London trained chef, food writer and lecturer means her readers will always find psychological complexity, tension and food written into her books. Stella McLeod is a member of the Australian Romance Writers Association.

The Complicated Nature of Sex with LM Pruitt

Sex is complicated.

Maybe not the physical act—although it can have its moments—but the mental and emotional act. I’m sure you’ve had it before but the brain is the largest erogenous zone (leaving aside actual skin—calm down, Buffalo Bill). It only stands to reason that such a complicated organ would turn what should be super fun and easy in to a virtual minefield.
As I said, there’s the mental aspect, which can, and often does, go hand in hand with the physical. Our likes, dislikes, our private kinks and secret shames—our brains communicate those to our body and vis versa. It’s why the first time you try a new position or a new act, you tend to freeze up for a moment and then pick apart your reaction to everything afterward.

Then there’s the emotional part. Emotions are sneaky little bastards. They show up out of nowhere and sucker punch you. It might be a good punch or a bad one but the initial shock and are is still the same. It’s why people cry during sex. Or laugh. The body has to release emotion somehow.

Like I said, sex is complicated. And messy. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting. Sometimes amazing, sometimes cringe worthy.

But we always go back—because we can’t live without the thrill.

L.M. Pruitt

Publisher: SP Press

Publication Date: August 18, 2015


Genre: Erotica

Book Description:

Taylor Allerton's speakeasy is one of the hottest nightclubs in Manhattan. Young, rich, and beautiful, she can have any man she wants--and usually does.

Namir Adeem just became the youngest partner at one of the most prestigious accounting firms in Manhattan. His determination to bring honor to his family leaves no time for any relationship.

When Taylor discovers just how sheltered Namir is, she takes it upon herself to give him the education he deserves.

Some things can't be taught in school....

Amazon     iTunes    Kobo   BN
Instruction Excerpt:

“I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve had to dissuade a woman in a bar.”
He barked out a laugh. “Ms. Allerton, I’ve spent more time in libraries and schoolrooms than in drinking establishments. I’ll confess, if you hadn’t intervened, I’m not sure how I would have handled your friend.”
“Look, I’ve already decided to hire you, so you really don’t need to continue plugging your education.”
“I assure you, that’s not my intention at all.” He coughed and scratched the side of his nose again. “I’m simply trying to inform you, as delicately as possible, that I am not used to this sort of… open culture.”
I stared at him, working to process his words. “I’m sorry, I’m not really following what you’re saying.”
“When I say I lack experience in certain areas, I mean I… lack experience.” He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “You do not achieve the success I have at my age without making some sacrifices along the way.”
“Oh.” As the full impact of his words sank in, my eyes widened involuntarily. “Oh. Oh, God. Now I’m even more sorry about Kennedy and how she acted and what she said and--.”
“You don’t need to apologize, Ms. Allerton. You have been beyond professional in every way.” He opened his eyes, tilting his chin down and studying me with a slight smile. “At least you have while in my presence.”
“Well, thank God we can’t get in trouble simply for having dirty thoughts.” I crossed my legs and laughed. “Although it’s probably only me having those thoughts.”
He sat silent for long minutes before clearing his throat. “You would be wrong, Ms. Allerton.”
I lifted my brows, tilting my head to the side. “Oh?”
“I hope this won’t impact our professional relationship but since you are being honest, so must I.” His gaze shifted to mine and I sucked in a breath. “I find you very attractive, Ms. Allerton.”
“In the spirit of continued honesty… my friend was right.” I picked up my glass, taking along sip of watered down tea. “I want to fuck you.”
“As flattering as I find your statement, I doubt it would be very good for you, all things considered.”
“Do you want me to teach you?” I hadn’t even known the thought was in my head until the words were echoing in the room but it was instantly an obsession. Slowly, I began sliding around the booth toward him. “I will—as much as you’re willing to learn.”
He dropped his gaze to the table, shifting restlessly. “You should check on your friend.”
“You didn’t answer the question.”
“It was a highly inappropriate question, Ms. Allerton.”
“Still not an answer.” I leaned closer, my mouth a half inch from his. “Do you want me to educate you or not?”
His lips parted on a sigh. “Yes. I do.”
“Wonderful.” I leaned back, pretending not to see the disappointment flash across his face. “We’ll start tomorrow.”

Instruction Trilogy
Book Two
L.M. Pruitt          

Genre: Romantica/Erotica

Publisher: SP Press         

Date of Publication: September 7, 2015

Word Count: approx. 40K

Book Description:

Namir Adeem has traded in early mornings, coffee and spreadsheets for late nights, bottle service and VIP lists. His nightclub is poised to become the next hotspot in Manhattan. Still, success means nothing without the one person he's spent six months trying to replace.

Taylor Allerton made her mark on Manhattan nightlife with Whisper. Her next venture has the possibility to catapult her to the coveted pinnacle of the social scene. And yet nothing can fill the hollow spot in her heart left by that one week.

When they meet again, there's no denying the attraction and emotion still sparking between them. But this time around, Namir has a few lesson of his own in mind--and Taylor is eager to learn.

When the student becomes the teacher, anything is possible.

Demonstration Excerpt:

This is insane.” Ferran straightened the plate a quarter of an inch, studied the table for a moment, and then moved the small square saucer back to its original position. “As your brother, I’m obligated to tell you when you’re being less than sane and this would be one of those times.”
“I think it’s romantic.” Ahlam paused in the middle of fluttering from one end of the room to the other to smile and pat my cheek. “You could give your brother a few lessons in that particular department.”
“I’ll have you know I practically ooze romance.” As if to prove his point, Ferran grabbed his wife, spinning her in a circle before lowering her in an exaggerated dip, finishing with a long kiss. Righting her, he said, “How’s that for romance?”
“Your enthusiasm is commendable but your technique could stand to be improved some.” She burst in to a fit of laughter when Ferran dropped his jaw in feigned shock. “However, since I’m a firm believer in practice making perfect, I’m willing to suffer while you improve yourself.”
“You’re so good to me, darling.” Ferran winked at her and grinned before turning to me, his face slipping in to a serious expression. “Seriously. I know you’re going to do whatever you want but I would be a poor excuse of a brother if I didn’t attempt to dissuade you.”
“We’ll consider this your attempt.” I looked pointedly at the clock above the bar and then the door. “Now please, don’t let me keep you from enjoying the rest of your evening.”
“Come along, husband.” Ahlam linked arms with Ferran and began dragging him toward the kitchen. “I think your brother would like a few minutes alone before his date arrives.”
I waited until their quiet conversation faded away before shifting my attention back to the matter at hand—seducing Taylor.
I studied the table with a critical eye, adjusting the votive candles and the spray of flowers. The details Ferran had focused on, while important, had more to do with his training as a restaurateur. I was more concerned with the intimacy of the seating arrangement, the way the candles would cast shadows on her face, the scent of the hothouse roses. I wasn’t looking to recreate our first meal together but to reimagine it.
I wanted her to let her guard down just enough to allow me overwhelm her.
The faint rapping on the glass drew me out of my reverie and I glanced toward the door. Taylor stood on the other side, completely enswathed in a dark fur coat. Her lips curved ever so slightly as she gave a tiny wave.
I smiled back. Excellent.

Instruction Trilogy
Book Three
LM Pruitt

Genre: Romantica/Erotica

Publisher: SP Press

Date of Publication: October 7

Word Count: approx. 40K

Book Description:

Taylor Allerton and Namir Adeem have conquered overbearing parents, untrustworthy friends, and now rule the Manhattan club scene like royalty. But their greatest challenge is still ahead.


Excerpt Implementation:

“Well, that went better than I thought it would.” I resisted the urge to hunch my shoulders and shiver, despite the fact I’d been standing in the New York cold for nearly fifteen minutes in a slip dress. “After the initial screaming ended, I mean.”
“I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t more.” Namir rubbed his hands over my shoulders and frowned. “You’re practically frozen. Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Publicity before beauty, darling.” I laughed and leaned in to him, brushing my lips over his. “Besides, I’ll warm up after I have my single glass of whiskey.”
“Whiskey? And only one?” He cupped my cheeks, holding me in place when I would have stepped away. “I thought you would have been drinking champagne in celebration. As a matter of fact, I texted Deidre and had her speak with Geoff about ordering extra bottles.”
“You know me so well.” I laughed again, content to stand there with him for the rest of the night. Or I would have been if not for the fact I had a massive party to host. “I try to limit my alcohol consumption when I’m working. It was a hard and fast rule for a long time and then… well….”
“I know.” He stroked his thumbs over my cheekbones. “It’s okay. It’s in the past.” The kiss this time was longer, gentler, and almost made me consider going home and missing my own party. When he pulled away, I started to suggest just that only to have him lay a single finger on my lips. “I know what you’re thinking and while I’d love to do the same, we do, unfortunately, have obligations.”
“God, it sucks being adults, doesn’t it?” I sighed and stepped away, although I still kept my hand joined with his. For all my bravado, I was nervous. So nervous. Probably more nervous than I’d been in my entire life, including the past twenty-four hours.
Marrying Namir had been easy. Like breathing.
Facing family and friends, frenemies and enemies, and—God forbid—the press? That was going to be difficult.

About the Author:

L.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things and would probably kill a plastic plant. She knows this because she's killed bamboo. Twice.  She is the author of the Winged series, the Plaisir Coupable series, Jude Magdalyn series, the Moon Rising series, and Taken: A Frankie Post Novel.

Spotlight and Giveaway Handyman’s Crush by Jordan Ashton

Handyman’s Crush
Shifters of the Claiming Kind
Book Seven
Jordan Ashton

Genre: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance,
M/M, shape-shifters

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Date of Publication: July 2015
ISBN: 978-1-63259-633-8

Number of pages: 99
Word Count: 24,977

Cover Artist: Harris Channing

Book Description:

The minute Ryan Forrester read Tobias Gale’s diary he found in the home he was renovating, he fell in love. The man Tobias described as his perfect soul mate is Ryan. When a family emergency brings Tobias home, Ryan tries to console him and help him through this trying time.

Tobias Gale’s world is turned upside-down when he gets a call from Ryan Forester telling him his mom had a stroke. He rushes home to find out that not only has she been keeping Ryan Forrester, the sexy handyman who lives with her a secret, but also something far more detrimental. Tobias’s whole life has been built on lies and he doesn’t know who to turn to for help. Luckily, Ryan is by his side offering him his ear and his heart to help him get through it all.

There are more secrets to uncover when Ryan’s wolf shifter past comes back to haunt him. After Ryan gets an ominous phone call from his brother, he knows danger is nearby. He has to solve the mysterious message while keeping everyone he loves safe from the man and organization that have been stalking him for years.


Tobias’s boss’s voicemail came on. He sighed in relief at having been spared the torture of talking to her directly. “Yeah, ah, Martha. It’s Tobias. I didn’t get a chance to call you before now, but I won’t be able to come in tomorrow or for the rest of the week. There’s been a family emerg–”
Before he could continue, Martha replied, “Tobias?”
He frowned. “Hi, Martha. I was just leaving you a message.”
“Yes, I realized that. So did I hear correctly, you won’t be coming in this week because of a family emergency?”
“Yeah, my mom had a stroke earlier today. I took a plane home as soon as I heard.”
“I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope she’ll be better soon.”
“Thanks.” He was astounded at how sympathetic Martha seemed.
“About my work and the edits on John’s book.”
“Don’t worry about that. Work and the edits can wait until your mom gets better and you come back to New York.”
Tobias grinned with deep relief. “Okay, that’ll be great. Thanks so much for understanding.”
“You’re welcome. We’ve all got a mother we love and who we want to help as much as we can. After all, they’ve done so much for us. It’s only right we return the favour.” Her tone turned assertive. “Concentrate on your mom and work will wait until you get back here. In the meantime, let me know how she’s doing soon.”
“I will. Thanks again, Martha.”
“No problem, Tobias. Bye.”
He stared at the phone wondering if it really was Martha Benson he actually had spoken to or an imposter with a kind heart. He shrugged before using the app directory to get the number to St. Matthews Hospital. When he placed the call, an automated system came on. By the time he’d gone through the phone protocol, five minutes passed.
A gentle and sweet female voice answered, “St. Mathews Hospital ICU. Nurse Smith speaking.”
“Hi, I’m Gladys Gale’s son. I wanted to know if there’s been a change in her condition.”
“Why yes, there has, Mr. Gale.” Tobias held his breath ready for bad news. “She’s awake and alert. It happened just a few minutes ago. I was in her room taking her vitals when she woke up. She asked me about you. She had heard you talking to her.”
“Oh my God! That’s wonderful. I’ll head back there right away.”
“Umm, the doctor is with her right now and I believe he’ll send her upstairs for an MRI and other tests now. Plus, it’s hospital policy –”
“I know. I know. Not to have visitors in the ICU after visiting hours end.”
“Yes, sir, but you can come in at ten tomorrow to see her. I promise I’ll check in on her just as soon as the doctor finishes examining her. I’ll make sure she’s all right and see if she needs or wants anything.”
“Thank you, Nurse Smith, that’s so very kind of you.”
“My patients are my number one priority, Mr. Gale, and your mother is such a sweetheart.”
He smiled as his eyes misted with emotion. “Yes, she is.”
“Good night, Mr. Gale.”
“Bye.” He was all choked up.
He didn’t wait to make sure he shut off the phone before rushing to the back of the house to tell Ryan the good news. He stopped in midstride after he turned the corner and witnessed Ryan exiting the bathroom. He had a tiny towel wrapped around his waist. His wide shoulders, brawny, hairless chest and ripped six-pack abs glistened with droplets of water on his skin, which accentuated his gorgeous, muscular physique and wayward sexual magnetism.
Tobias’s eyes soaked in all the beauty while his mouth hung open and his mind turned to mush. It took him a few seconds to realize he was rudely ogling and started to turn away in embarrassment.
Ryan said, while towel-drying his damp hair, “I’m done if you need to use it.”
“Hmm, use what?”
“The bathroom.” Ryan offered him a sidelong grin.
“No, I don’t.” His brain function began to kick in again. “I was just looking for you to tell you the good news.”
Ryan froze, staring at him wide-eyed.” What good news?”
“My mom’s awake and alert, and she asked Nurse Smith about me.”
Ryan walked up to him. His eyes and smile beamed as he wrapped his huge arms quickly around Tobias’s shoulders, hugging him tightly. Holy cow!He smelled of musk and lemon-scented body wash.
“Yes, that’s the best news ever!” Ryan cheered.
He stepped back. The teeny-tiny towel started to slide down his thigh with his motion, offering Tobias a quick peek. Ryan then quickly turned around, trying to grab the wet towel and re-wrap it, but not before Tobias got a good look at Ryan’s amazing derriere. Damn, that was the finest ass Tobias had ever seen.
He almost let out a whimper of approval before Ryan said, “I better get dressed before I give you a real peep show.” Apparently, he had no idea he had already done just that. “I’ll be out in a minute.”
Tobias pointed over his shoulder while his heart raced. “That’s all right. I’m heading to my old room to crash out. I want to wake up early to go see my mom as soon as visiting hours begin.”
Ryan nodded. “All right. I’m going to bed now, too. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”
“Yeah, bye.” Tobias turned, too distracted to see the wall before he slammed into it hard. He rubbed the side of his aching head as he hurried away, praying Ryan didn’t notice his clumsy maneuver.
The protruding bump pulsed with heat as blood pooled into it. He needed to get ice on it, stat. It would help reduce the swelling and maybe cool down his body. He was hot and bothered and it was all Ryan Forrester the teaser’s fault.

About the Author:

Jordan Ashton is a writer and wife whose passion for reading romance novels led her to writing them, too. She believes love can conquer all and that it makes the world go round, not money. Her heroes, heroines, and the worlds she creates bring this belief to life. She is and will always be a true romantic at heart.

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