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Would The Real Howie Watt Please Stand Up! - Broken Angel by Amanda Jones

Anyone who’s read the ARC version of Broken Angel has met our new friend, Chief of Surgery Howard (Howie) Watt.  What you don’t know is he’s very real (the Howie part, not the surgeon part), and a very dear friend of mine.  So, I figure I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you all to my favourite Howie shaped human!Now he’s agreed to let me use my discretion in selecting a photo from his Facebook page to share in this blog posting – with a few restrictions: not the one where he’s wearing moose antlers, not the one where someone photoshopped a top hat and cane on him, and not the one with him photoshopped as Spiderman…but aside from that I had free license! Like his character in Broken Angel, Howie’s got that infectiously fun personality that draws people in.  He’s always there for his friends (oftentimes going waaaay above and beyond for them), and is my go-to person for sharing dirty jokes.  

The heroes of our book can’t help but have a soft spot for the guy too!  He recently celebrated a birthday, and wasn’t afraid to put on a bumblebee hat (with feelers), play with Nerf bow and arrows, and crawl through obstacle courses a la (Catherine Zeta Jones in the laser field in Entrapment) with his employees.  

His birthday cake may have featured images of his head photoshopped onto the bodies of a variety of gentlemen in sparkly budgie smugglers…which he found hilarious!

So let’s raise a glass to the REAL Howie Watt!  Thank you for supporting me through my writing journey.  

PS. Please do me a favour and stalk him on Twitter – it’ll be fun!  @howie_watt   happy hunting!!!  

Broken Angel
The Fallen Chronicles
Book Two
Amanda Jones

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Cover Artist:  Jenny Dixon

Tagline: Dancing with the Devil…

Book Description:

Mara is a beautiful and talented surgeon with everything going for her…at least on the surface.  She has a dark secret she has kept buried for centuries.

Bataryal is a fallen angel broken beyond repair…or so it seems.

Will the beautiful surgeon who saved his life also be able to redeem him, or will Bataryal’s damaged soul lead them both into the depths of Hell…

Excerpt 1

Before she could react, B sat up and grabbed her with his freshly set hand, drawing her face towards his.  He felt his heart leap as their lips touched ever so gently at first.  He’d dreamed of kissing her since the first time he’d laid eyes on her, and could only hope that the feelings she’d admitted to were true.  Her lips moved softly upon his, her tongue darting out to lick along the line of his lips.  B opened his mouth and let her in, their tongues sliding together sensually as his body came to life.  It was a feeling he thought he’d never fully experience, the blood pounding in his veins, his heart jumping in his chest.  Mara’s arms came up to circle him, one around his back, the other sliding up his neck, her nails raking along his scalp near the nape of his neck.  The tiny shivers from her sharp little nails were more erotic than any sexual experience he’d ever had.  B’s heart felt like it was soaring free.  Maybe there really could be a happy ending for him.

Dark Angel
The Fallen Chronicles 
Book 1
Amanda Jones

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Date of Publication: March 29, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-60394-970-5

Number of pages: 141 
Word Count: 81,321

Cover Artist: Jenny Dixon

Tagline: With this fallen angel it never felt so good to be bad!

Book Description: 

Katia may be a celebrated musician, but she'd always felt a little like an outsider looking in. Who knew that being abducted by a handsome stranger would set her on a crash course with her destiny...

Luc has spent an eternity keeping everyone and everything at a distance as an unstoppable darkness consumes his soul. Will his beautiful captive be his salvation, or will they both be consumed by the ultimate evil...

New Concepts Publishing          Amazon


As Katia smiled back at Sergei, she noticed that the stranger at the neighbouring table was watching her again.  She did a half turn and reached down as though she were looking for something in her purse, angling herself towards him.  Taking a deep breath, she looked up and found her eyes locked on his.  There was something riveting about him, but she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what it was.  Perhaps it was the sum total of everything that made her unable to tear her eyes away.  He looked like he had been carved from a piece of marble.  His skin was pale and perfect, not a single freckle, scar, line, or wrinkle.  Calvin Klein models had nothing on this guy, with his defined jaw, and full lips that were just begging for a kiss.  His hair was a tumbling mass of waves the colour of the sun, his eyes were the most unusual grey Katia had ever seen, like storm clouds.  He also had the longest eyelashes she’d ever seen; women paid good money to get lashes like that.  He truly had the face of an angel, like something you’d see on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  At odds with his angelic look was the black leather motorcycle jacket, black jeans, and black combat boots.  There was also something off in his expression, something hard about the way he was looking at her, like she had somehow ruined his day without her knowledge. 

About the Author: 

Add caption
Amanda Jones lives in Toronto with her exceptionally spoiled pets.  Aside from sharing her crazy imagination with others through her books Amanda enjoys travelling and frequent Netflix binges.  Amanda has worked in several fields including sports, music, film, corporate human resources, and is a graduate of York University and Sheridan College.



Twitter: @AmandaLJ1981 


Amazon Author Central:

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Interview - Courting Moon: Vampyres Desire by Adom Sample

Do you have a specific writing style?

While this book Courting Moon: Vampyres Desire is in the first person present tense, I do enjoy writing in the third person as it gives me much more leeway in telling the story. I felt Courting Moon should be told from the perspective of the protagonist so that readers may feel her journey as it plays out. When writing in the third person I try to be as descriptive as possible while not overloading the reader with too much detail. With Courting Moon, I chose a more expository style of writing. She’s the one telling the story so it is told from her point of view, including her bias and opinions. It really depends on how the characters are developing. 

Do you write in different genres? If yes which is your favorite genre to write?

When I first started out I was writing horror. Many of my horror novels has elements of romance and erotica in them and I enjoyed writing those scenes the most. So, I made the transition into romance/erotica also with paranormal. I feel this genre suits me best. I also like to dabble in suspense and thriller as well. My favorite genre to write is romance/erotica. It makes me feel good writing stories with that baseline.

How did you come up with the title for your latest book?

In the beginning, I was going to call it The Courting since the story is based on this event, but as the story progressed, I settled on Courting Moon: Vampyres Desire. It’s based on the desire the two main characters feel for each other and the journey they must take to be together.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. That no matter the circumstances be it family, friends, class, socioeconomic status etc.; if your heart tells you that a person is right for you then pursue it no matter what.

What books/authors have influenced your life?

Deception Point by Dan Brown, The Paper Swan by Leylah Attar, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Asian Philosophies by John M. Koller.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

I don’t really have any writers in particular that I would consider a mentor. If I had to choose a writer that I looked up to it would be Dan Brown.

What book are you reading now?

Unfaithful (Touched, #2) by Elisa S. Amore

Who designed the cover of your latest book?

I did :-)

Do you have any advice for other writers?

The more you write, the more your writing will improve. Pour your heart and soul into your work. If your characters don’t stir up emotions within you while you’re writing then neither will it with the reader. If you’re self-publishing, you must hire a professional editor and proofreader. No matter how many times you’ve read and reread your work, there will always be mistakes you cannot catch. Always have fresh eyes on your work before publishing. Revisit the plot and character development at least twice. Walk away from your work to give yourself some time to relax before revisiting the story. This time is extremely important in understanding what issues need to be addressed. Above all, continue to write no matter how discouraged you become. Not everything will fall into place in the beginning. It may take months or even years, but if you’re passionate about writing, you’ll be just fine. 

Do you have a song or playlist (book soundtrack) that you think represents this book?

These are the songs I listened to while I was writing Courting Moon:

Je t'aime by Bloomfield
 Crazy Moon by Soma Sonic
Touchness by Enigma
Smell Of Desire by Enigma
Sadeness by Enigma
Chronometrorgasm by Eric Echoes
Gravity: Pushing to Pull by Maxwell
The Mystic's Dream by Loreena Mckennitt
Fall Over by BANKS
Repetition by Gaelle

Courting Moon
Vampyres Desire
The Bloods Passion Saga
Book One
Adom Sample

Genre: Magical Realism / Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: April 28, 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1540823458 
ISBN-10: 1540823458

Number of pages: 346
Word Count: 88,500

Cover Artist: Adom Sample

Tagline: How far will you go to be with the one you love?

Book Description:

Two worlds.

Separation and control were all they had ever known. The laws set by the iron fist of the Coven of Vampyres pass down to the human reverts was what their worlds were built upon. Love, passion, emotional yearning and above all, human and vampyre fraternization–all strictly forbidden. Yet, a moment’s encounter would soon change all that. One single embrace would alter their worlds forever.

The young vampyre, Sebastian of Orias, son of a ruling member of the Coven, and nineteen-year-old Kyra Dunning, daughter of the Chief Councilman in the human régime would soon learn what it means to feel an insatiable passion. This feeling caused the forbidden fruit to consume their hearts with hunger neither knew existed. To be apart was to die. Henceforth, they chose to break the rules, defy the Coven, and embrace this connection, regardless of the dangers that may unfold.

With marriages arranged, political power to centralize, and underground dissension to eradicate, both the Coven and the Council will stop at nothing to maintain order. And the love between Sebastian and Kyra, unbeknownst to them, may mean the end of everything they’ve ever known.


The dark meadows and midnight air blast through her hair giving off a scent that would attract any Vampyre for miles. It was there he sensed her. It was there he could no longer deny himself the pleasure of getting to know who she was. The rules were set, and the laws were written, but none of that could keep him restrained. Not anymore.
His emotions fluttered, leaving him no other choice. He must take that chance, regardless of the prospect of rejection. For months, he watched her, lurking in the shadows of their lands, never giving thought as to what would happen if he were to be discovered. It was a risk he was more than willing to take, if only just to get a second glance of her beauty.
He was, after all, the son of a count, and he knew the rules better than anyone. Fraternization between Vampyre and human was strictly forbidden. The rules were imprinted in his brain from birth, but he had to choose differently. Was it her human frailty or the smell of her blood that drew him there every night? Whatever this enchanting spell was that led him to her lands took total control, forcing him to do things he thought he’d never do.
Romantic love was forbidden and after months of obsessing over this human woman, he was beginning to understand why. All rational thought escaped his mind whenever he was near her. The erratic and irrational impulses that made him sneak out of his room, cross the neutral territory, and enter their lands each night had overwhelmed him. He’d lost control, yet refused to do anything about it. This was who he wanted to be.
Henceforth, that night in the dark meadows, basking in the midnight air, he made his approach. Would she welcome him or fear him? What stories would she have heard about his kind that could force her to be reluctant by his presence? He had no choice, for it was too late to turn back now. She was alone, and he would never have an opportunity like this again. He pushed back the bushes, taking slow steps toward her. Hesitant, he thought about turning around and forgetting about her. He knew where this would lead. Still, he interjects his reason and pushes aside all logic, giving in to his wanting desire.
“Hello,” he whispered softly from behind. She froze. She knew the end was near. She knew the Vampyre creeping up behind her would make her his supper if she didn’t run, and quick. Without thought, she took off screaming for her life. Her action to his bold move didn’t surprise him at all; the only thing that entered his mind was how beautiful she looked when she ran away. He didn’t pursue right away. He stood there paralyzed, fearful that he would be discovered.
If anyone heard her screaming it would be the end of him. Before she could get too far, he headed her off, and in a flash was right in front of her. They had collided. She ran right into him. The touch of her soft warm skin sent a sense of inner peace and tranquility through this entire body.
They had their arms wrapped around each other like lovers in need. That sensual gaze he gave her forced the fear to melt away only to be replaced with apprehension and embarrassment.
“I will not harm you,” he said in a passionate whisper.
“What do you want from me?” Her voice trembled.
“Simple conversation.”
“You mean to kill me?”
“Of course not. But far be it for me to make you my meal someday.”
“Who are you?” She gave him an uneasy glance.
He stared into her eyes and smiled, brushing his fingers through her soft, long hair. And thus that single encounter, that bold embrace set forth the path they would go through together; placing things in motions that would tear the very boundaries of everything they’d ever known. Forever.     

About the Author:

Adom Sample was born in Kansas City, Missouri and currently lives in Fairfax, Virginia. He holds an MBA from GMU, an MHA from ATSU. He served in the United States Air Force from 2001 to 2008. He is an independent author who enjoys reading and writing romance, erotic, and paranormal stories. Writing is his passion and he lives to give others ideas and inspire stories to push the limits of creativity.

Spinning Time by D. F. Jones

Spinning Time, A Time Travel Romance
D.F. Jones

Genre: Time Travel Romance, Time Travel

ISBN-10: 0-9861227-7-7

Print Length: 303 pages

Publisher: Jones Media 

Publication Date: May 9, 2017


A love story that transcends time...


Southern debutante, Julia Boatwright has everything a twenty-one-year-old desires, a wealthy family, close friends, and Phillip, her handsome fiancé.

Until one day, Julia plunges into the deep pools of Burkett Falls trapped in a natural time portal that propels her seventy years into the future.

Julia and Phillip live decades apart, but their love for each other keep them fighting to find a way to reunite.

ATTRA (Alien Time Travel Research Agency) Commander Adams runs a secret agency controlling time events, and she wants Julia.

Julia holds the key that may break the time space barrier into the distant past shaping the future outcome for the inhabitants of Earth.

With the help of time tracker, Ruben Callaway, and his team, a window of time approaches which may allow Julia to spin through a loop of time between the parallel universes back home.

Will Julia find her way home before time runs out?

"If you love time travel romance, drama, and thriller suspense novels, this book is a must read!"

Excerpt from Spinning Time by D. F. Jones releases May 09, 2017

1948, Burkett Falls, North Carolina
Standing with Phillip and Sloane on the sandy beach next to the blue pools of Burkett Falls, Julia said, “On the count of three, we’ll jump in together.”
Phillip yelled, “Three.”
Phillip, Julia, and Sloane ran and jumped into the chilly water. Julia plunged head first, taking long breaststrokes toward the Falls while Phillip and Sloane swam behind her.
Once the trio made it to the cliffs, next to the Falls, Sloane pulled herself up on the flat rock and sat on the edge. She tilted her face to the sun and said, “I don't think you need to climb behind the Falls. The current is too fast from the storms last night.”
“Aw, baby sis, let the good times roll. I want to stand under the Falls and wash my hair.” Julia and Phillip climbed to the natural stone steps leading to the back of the waterfall. She turned back to Sloane and yelled, “Come on, Sloane. It’ll be fun!”
Sloane shook her head no.
Phillip held Julia’s hand and said, “Maybe, we should listen to your sister.”
Julia shook her hand loose from Phillip and giggled. “You chicken?” Right before she stepped behind the Falls, Julia blew Phillip a kiss and said, “I love you.” The water rushing over the cliffs felt harder and faster than she remembered. Standing directly under the Falls, Julia stretched her arms out and up toward the sky.
Then she slipped on a rock and fell.
Julia heard Phillip yell out, “Grab a rock, grab anything, I’m coming, Julie.”
Julia couldn’t hold on. The force of the rushing water cascading over the Falls made her plunge deeper and deeper into the blackness of the pool. Julia tried with all her might to swim to the surface, but it was no use, the Falls kept pushing her further down.
Nearing death, her lungs threatening to explode, Julia witnessed images from her past, present, and future seemingly paralyzed in what appeared to be a timeless state of mind. Julia didn't realize that time, or the essence of time manipulated around her. Julia fell forward into a prism of colored particles in reds, pinks, blues, and greens wrapping and bending in a spinning tunnel with no end.
Oddly, Julia could breathe again, which was strange in and of itself, as the brightly colored lights swirled around her. She thought of the tornado in The Wizard of Oz,
Then someone grabbed her hand, pulling her up—and into the twenty-first century.

Chapter 4

Present Day, Burkett Falls

A man tucked Julia under his arm while swimming sidestrokes to the sandy rock beach. He picked her up by the waist and placed her on a flat rock and then pulled himself up beside her. Julia stared at him in disbelief totally shocked by her surroundings. She knew him, didn’t she?
Julia openly stared at the man beside her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The man looked exactly like Phillip except with blond hair and blue eyes.
He gently touched her shoulder and said, “You’re in shock. God knows how long you were underwater. Are you able to talk?”
In a split second, everything in Julia’s life changed. The only thing familiar was the majestic Burkett Falls. Concrete picnic tables and wrought iron grills were located around their property and filled with people she didn’t know. Phillip’s look-a-like guided her to one of the maple trees and pointed to the patchwork quilt. Tears flowed from her eyes because the quilt belonged to Phillip. He said, “Please sit down. I have some bottled water.”
Julia began to hyperventilate. Bottled water? Julia watched him rummage through what appeared to be a large purse or satchel but followed his request because her legs could give out any second. She trembled with fear and felt numb, completely numb. Void of feeling and at a loss for words. Her throat burned as he handed her the bottle of water. Not glass, hmmm. Her voice hoarse, she said, “Do you have a bottle opener?”
He reached over and twisted the top off with his hand and tilted his head. “What’s your name? Are you here with someone?”
Julia turned the bottle up and greedily drank the water. The thumping of loud drum music made her glance over her left shoulder, and she saw a group of scantily clad teenagers. A young man loudly recited a poem of sorts to the beats and waved his hand up in the air. Wizard of Oz….
Maybe I’m dead and this is hell.
Julia looked back at the man and said, “What’s in the black box?” He held it in his right
“It’s a phone? You know, a mobile. Maybe, I should call an ambulance. You may have
hit your head.”
Julia shook her head no. No, no, no. This isn’t real. I’m dreaming. I’ll wake up. “That’s a phone?” She closed her eyes and said, “Tell me, do the Boatwrights still live in the plantation house?”
“Boatwrights? Come on. You’re kidding me. What’s your name?” He took another bottle of water out of the bag and handed it to her. Julia twisted the top like he’d done. It worked, and the top screwed off. After finishing the bottle of water, she handed the empty bottle back to him.

Julia drew her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. “I’m Julia Boatwright.”
The man choked on the water he drank, spewing it out on the ground. He began to laugh. “Good one. Then you’re a legend around these parts.” Still chuckling, he shook his head in apparent disbelief.
With the tilt of her head, Julia said, “Do I look happy to you? Am I laughing? And why in the Sam Hill would I be a legend?” Julia watched his fingers rapidly tap on the bright light of the telephone. “What are you doing?”
“I’m googling you.” He rubbed his eyes with his fingers. “It’s really you! Fuuuck!”
What the hell is googling?
Julia abruptly stood up and shouted, “Well, I’ve never in my whole life heard anyone use that kind of crude language. You, sir, have no manners.”
He stood, panting, and suddenly became very pale. “Wait, I’m sorry. Look, and read this article. You’ll know why you’re a legend.”
Julia frowned at him and grabbed the box out of his hand. There was a photo of her senior high school picture. The headline read, Burkett Falls Annual Celebration of Julia Boatwright. Under her photo, she read 1948-2017. Tears spilled as she read the rest of the article describing her disappearance into thin air.
Her parents were dead.
The annual celebration brought folks in from everywhere. Psychics and séances tried annually to revive her spirit from the other side. Julia felt like she’d swallowed a box of rocks. She said, “What’s your name?”
Julia had known before he answered, “Phillip Andrew Clayborn, the third. My friends call me, Andy.”
Julia walked toward the cliffs with her arms wrapped around her waist. She couldn’t believe it. Phillip must’ve married someone else and had a child. Andy walked up behind her and reached for her hand. She turned around and wiped the tears out of her eyes. “Sloane, is she still alive?”
“Yes. Sloane is still alive. She lives in Sunnyside Meadows, a place for the elderly.
Please sit back down.” Andy led her back to the quilt.
She ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. “Who did Phillip marry? Is he still alive?” Julia began to sob, and he rubbed her back.
“Phillip married Amelia Grierson, and sadly, he’s no longer with us. It’s okay. We’ll figure something out. You got here. Surely there’s a way to get back.” Andy gently turned her shoulders around to face him tracing his fingers along her jawline. “I can’t believe it’s you. My grandfather loved you until the day he died.”

Julia jerked away from Andy and interrupted with sarcasm, “I’m sure Amelia just loved that. What did he do, wait a month? A year? How long did he wait before he got married?” She became increasingly angry thinking about Phillip doing the same things to her sorority sister that he did to her last night.
It was last night, for crying out loud. She shouted, “Your grandfather asked me to marry him last night. Not more than an hour ago, Phillip asked my father for my hand.” She pointed to the pool of water. “We swam in there, minutes ago, and now, you’re telling me, Phillip’s dead. That he married one of my friends, and you’re his grandson. My parents are dead, and—and my baby sister is an old woman. And you, you look just like him by the way.”
She shook her left fist to the sky. “Is this some cosmic joke? Life cheated me.” Julia began to ugly cry.
Andy picked her up in his arms and brought her to what she assumed was his car. “Get in.
I’ll be right back.”
Julia got in and watched as he ran back to the tree, snatched up the quilt and his bag, and raced back to the car. He opened the driver side door and threw his stuff in the back seat before sliding behind the wheel.
Gripping the steering wheel, Andy turned toward her and said, “We can’t tell a single soul who you are. Do you understand?” She shook her head no. “The discovery that you traveled through time would create a fuuu—well, a freaking media circus. Heck, the government would get involved. Mass hysteria and riots in the streets. You’re living breathing proof of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Sorry, I’m totally whacked out. I need a beer. Do you drink?”
With a slight upturn of her lips, Julia replied, “Shoot yeah, I drink. But don’t you think I need some clothes? Or do people today walk around half-naked like those people over there?”
Andy burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, it’s not funny. But this is too crazy and people today wear pretty much whatever they want. It’s nothing like your day.”
“My day? Oh, good lord.”
Andy drove his spaceship-looking car through the farm, which looked the same as it did this morning.
Then Julia spotted her house, and she shouted, “Stop. Stop the car.” The entrance sign read Boatwright Plantation House and Museum. “Pull into the driveway. I need inside the house.”
Andy said, “It’s closed. They only open the house on the weekends. It’s Monday, so I’m pretty sure no one is up there.”
Julia faced him with her chin quivering and begged, “Please pull up to the house. I know how to get in.”

Andy parked his fancy spaceship car in the circular drive. Julia looked at the door for a second before pulling the lever. “You can sit here. I won’t be long.” She ran barefoot to the house trying her best to rein in her emotions. She needed inside the house and in her dad’s study.
Think, Julia.
Andy ran up behind her. “You’re not going in there. It’s called breaking and entering in today’s world.”
Julia looked at her home, but it wasn’t hers anymore. The house seemed cold and empty.
Her home had always been so warm and inviting. Julia stood at the bottom of the very steps she’d walked down this morning. She thought of her argument with Bunny, and how Bunny relented and accepted Phillip. All of it was gone.
Julia went to the side of the house, got down on one knee, and felt for the spare key under the first right pier. Ha! It was still there. She walked to the side door of the house near the kitchen, placed the key into the keyhole and turned the knob, then pushed the door open. “I told you I knew where they hid the key. Are you coming with me or are you going to stand there with your mouth hanging open?”
He said unreservedly, “For a woman born in 1927, you’re very outspoken. Let’s pray the museum doesn’t have security cameras or we’ll both get arrested.”
Julia turned swiftly and stared him straight in the eye. “I said I would go in alone. That’s my house, regardless of what the sign reads at the entrance.”

Julia’s world turned upside down in a mere thirty minutes. Andy briefly explained that Burkett Falls was a public park, and her home had been placed on the National Historic Register. A museum for strangers and she was some mythical legend the town of Burkett Falls celebrated once a year.

About the Author

After graduating Middle Tennessee State University, D.F. Jones landed a job as a broadcast consultant at the ABC Affiliate in Nashville, which led her opening an advertising agency. Over the years, she’s created many campaigns for clients and still enjoys developing marketing materials.

However, in December of 2010, D. F. Jones became a caregiver for her parents. There’s nothing quite like facing mortality to shake up one’s life. She began my writing her first novel in the late Fall of 2014.

Writing is a source of creative expression, but it also releases stress for D. F. Jones. Writing takes her to a place where anything is possible, and fiction takes D.F. Jones to a place made of dreams.

D.F. Jones is happily married to the love of her life and best friend, KJ. They have two gorgeous grown sons she loves and adores more than life itself. D.F. Jones loves to laugh, and her husband keeps her in stitches!

D.F. Jones is a fan of the Tennessee Titans, MTSU Blue Raiders and she enjoys working in her flower gardens.

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Daughter of Aithne by Karin Rita Gastreich

Daughter of Aithne
The Silver Web
Book Three
Karin Rita Gastreich

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Romance

Publisher: Orb Weaver Press

Date of Publication: May 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9972320-2-8

Number of pages: 386
Word Count: 119,000

Cover Artist: Thomas Vandenberg

Book Description:

Betrayed by her own prodigy and accused of treason, Eolyn forges a risky alliance with the ruthless and cunning Mage Corey. As enemies old and new rise to arms, the beleaguered queen of magic prepares for a final, desperate battle to secure her son's throne.

Across the Furma River, Taesara of Roenfyn is drawn out of seclusion and into an ever-more vicious game of intrigue and war. Subject to the schemes of her uncle and the mysterious ambitions of the wizards of Galia, she fights to assert her will while defending her daughter's inheritance.

In the climactic finale to The Silver Web trilogy, threads of love, honor, betrayal, and vengeance culminate in a violent conflict between powerful women, opposed to each other yet destined to shatter a thousand-year cycle of war.

"Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes...with a romantic thread." -Publishers Weekly review of Eolyn, Book One of the Silver Web

“Lush, evocative descriptions carry readers through an unforgettable journey.” –Kirkus Reviews review of Sword of Shadows, Book Two of the Silver Web.

Excerpt TWO:

Anger flared in Eolyn’s veins. She stood. Akmael rose with her.
“Speak plainly, my Lord King. I will not be subject to this cat-and-mouse game. If you do not trust me, if you do not believe me, then say so.”
“I trust your heart, Eolyn, but your heart has led you to ill-advised decisions in the past. For this reason, I am not always inclined to trust your judgment.”
“For the love of the Gods! I am not the confused and frightened girl I was when my brother took up arms against you.”
“No, but you must understand the dilemma you have put me in.”
“The dilemma I have put you in?”
“If you knew of Ghemena’s plan and did not inform me, you were party to treason. If you did not know, then your authority over the magas is uncertain. Either way, the magas must remain bound and imprisoned until this conflict is resolved.”
Eolyn blinked and stepped away.
Not even Thelyn had put it so bluntly.
“The magas have lived in peace in Moisehén for more than a decade.” Her voice shook, and her hands were clenched at her sides. “You cannot let the action of one woman—”
“Three women. The blatantly treasonous act of three women, all devoted students of yours. They have brought war upon us, Eolyn. Who knows how many others among your followers support them?”
“The magas who remain in my service have done nothing to merit suspicion.”
“All magas merit suspicion.” Akmael hesitated at her stricken look. He let go a slow breath and softened his tone. “There is a history here that we have not yet overcome, Eolyn. You, of all people, must understand that. Too many of our subjects still remember the war against my father.”
“And the purges that followed?” she shot back.
“The violence that tore this kingdom apart,” he conceded. “Right or wrong, the magas were left with the blame. There are many who fear your power, Eolyn. They fear the ambitions of all women of magic. We must manage this situation carefully, to protect you and your daughters. To see that justice is done.”
“What Thelyn did to my magas on your orders was not just.”
“A precautionary measure. Nothing more.”
“You must give me your word—” Eolyn’s voice broke. She sensed doors closing all around her. Was there nothing he would allow? No small concession she could demand? “At least promise me that none of my daughters will be mistreated during their confinement.”
“That they will not be…That they will not be subject to the techniques once used by Tzeremond and his mages.”
Realization washed over Akmael’s features. He smiled and shook his head. “Come, Eolyn. The situation is not that grim. I assure you the days of Tzeremond will not return. We are at a momentary impasse to be endured until we determine whether this web of treachery ends with Ghemena or begins with her. If found innocent, your magas will be restored to their former positions. If any of them harbor treasonous hearts, it is better we find out now before further damage is done.”
Eolyn nodded, though she found little comfort in his reassurance.
“I have had the rooms of the East Tower prepared for you,” Akmael said.
“I knew you would not be pleased,” he hastened to add, “but I do this for your own protection.”
“My protection?”
“There are no wards more powerful than those of the East Tower. You will stay there and the children with you.”
“You would imprison me? The woman you love, your Queen?”
“Your magic will not be bound. You will be permitted visitors, and you will be allowed to leave the confines of the tower during daylight hours, but always in my company or in the company of guards appointed by me.”
“You cannot ask this of me.”
“Eolyn.” He took her gently by the shoulders. “Do not close your eyes to the delicacy of our position. Half the court speculates it was your command that led Ghemena to deliver Eliasara to Roenfyn.”
“You know I would never—”
“And I, seeing that my daughter has been stolen from me, wonder what is next in the minds of those who plot to bring down my house and reign. Will they attempt to kill my son? Will they try to take away my Queen? Because those two things would destroy me, Eolyn. Me and all the futures I have imagined.”
Eolyn stared at Akmael in disbelief. A ghostly cry echoed through her heart, the forgotten lament of a woman betrayed.
“This is how it began, isn’t it?” she whispered. “The confinement of your mother began just like this.”
“Your father wanted only to protect her, but he never allowed her to leave. In the end it made no difference. Kaie penetrated the wards and slew her. You remember, Akmael. You were there.”
“My love—”
“You cannot lock me up in that place!”
“You will not be left alone as my mother was. Not tonight, not in any night to come.”
Akmael pressed his lips to her forehead. He took the chain that suspended the Silver Web and lifted the jewel gently over Eolyn’s head. As he held the amulet in the palm of his hand, its delicate crystals glittered in the afternoon light.
“This magic can be used to penetrate the wards,” he said.
“That is for me to know.” He set the silver chain around his own neck, slipping the amulet beneath his tunic. “I promise you, Eolyn, I will be with you in every moment I can.”
“You secure your way into the East Tower while leaving me with no way out. At night you would use your mother’s magic to come as a thief, a surreptitious lover, not openly as my king and husband. Why?”
Akmael nodded to the door that separated them from the courtiers outside. “Because they must believe that my judgment is free from the influence of desire and love, free from any spells a High Maga might cast.”

“They are fools if they believe a maga can control the decisions of men! If we had such power, I assure you this world would be a very different sort of place.”

About the Author:

Karin Rita Gastreich writes stories of ordinary women and the extraordinary paths they choose. An ecologist by vocation, Karin has wandered forests and wildlands all her life. Her pastimes include camping, hiking, music, and flamenco dance. In addition to THE SILVER WEB trilogy, Karin has published short stories in World Jumping, Zahir, Adventures for the Average Woman, and 69 Flavors of Paranoia. She is a recipient of the Spring 2011 Andrews Forest Writer’s Residency.

Twitter: @EolynChronicles

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