Monday, November 07, 2005

All About Roxanne

I always knew I wanted to be a writer. Ever since I could put words together on paper I have written poems, stories and plays. No one was safe from being part of my plays; friends, family members, and stuffed animals, even my cat were all required to perform in my plays.

Throughout elementary school and middle school I always took part in the Young Authors' Conference in my school district. Every year everyone had to write a book and the best books were chosen to attend a conference where the students would get to meet real published authors and people in the world of publishing. Every year I was chosen to go and my fate as a writer was sealed. I wanted to be a writer of course I wanted to be many other things too: dancer, model, teacher, interior decorator, business owner and who knows what else. I've pretty much tried everything I wanted to be and always come back to being a writer.

By high school and college I was published extensively in school publications, local newspapers and magazines, several national magazines and a few anthologies. I felt I was on my way. Then life stepped in like it tends to do and I quit writing. Marriage, kids, owning a business, things all took up precious time.

In the past year and a half I have returned to the writing world. It was like starting all over. I tried all the traditional stuff; query, submit, wait forever, blah, blah, rejection letter, etc. Then I found a whole new world with online publishing. I found I could get my work printed on websites, I could get paid to write web content and then I found the world of erotica...

So why erotica? Well for one sex sells. Other than that I am a highly sexual person and I like to write it. Originally I didn't even know there was a market for erotica, but when I found it I was excited to find something I could write about that I really enjoy. I started out by writing a story and submitting it to Playgirl. It was accepted. So I started writing more. Now I am a regular author and an editor at, a columnist at, I've had erotic poetry published at, you can read my erotic vampire story, "Eternal Passions" in the Midnight Showcase Digest, Season Spirits and I have another story, "Renata and the Vampire Hunter" to be published by Chippewa Publishing sometime in the near future.

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