Monday, November 28, 2005

Here are a Couple of My Erotic Poems for Your Pleasure

The Other Side

I look through the mirror and find,

I'm on the wrong side of reality,

Looking at love instead of making it

Sensual images lead me softly to insanity

as my lover slowly kisses my back,

and moves down to caress my thighs.

I gaze into myself and his eyes

meet mine while he nibbles on my toes

Watching him flow into me, our bodies

blending and merging movements in glass

Shattering thoughts cause blood to flow

over silver sharp shreds of

desire in my mind as salty

sweet sweat blends with his taste

He holds onto me tighter, my grip

loosens till I can't let him go

through to the other side while I fall

into and endless lake that drowns the sight

of tomorrow's night, a moment in life,

Stands alone as an image of itself

Through the Looking Glass

Through the looking glass
I reach out to my fantasies
Naked flesh
Blending and merging in the glass
Lips and fingers exploring
Hard shaft penetrating
cock hungry aching drenched hole
Fill my need
Fulfill my desire
Carnal dance
Reflections of passion
Mirror images reach
through the looking glass

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