Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Season Spirits Erotic Digest

Check out my erotic vampire story, "Eternal Passions", in the Midnight Showcase Digest, Season Spirits.

It was the week before Halloween and the city of New Orleans’ Halloween festivities were already in full swing. New Orleans is one city that loves Halloween, and treats of the holiday like a second Mardi Gras.

The residents love to party and even a week before Halloween people were already running around in costume. The haunted city full of magic and ghosts had kicked everything into high gear for the tourists. Everywhere I went haunted history tours were taking place; The Ghost Tour of the French Quarter, the Haunted Garden District Tour, the Spellbound Tour, the Voodoo and Cemetery Tour and the one I was most interested in, the Vampire Tour. Walking through the dark streets of the French Quarter during the Vampire Tour made me think about the reason I was there. As always it was Quillon. He was the reason I did everything. Almost every choice I made for the past 15 years was because of him, even the career I had chosen.

Yesterday I had been in Paris. I heard his whispered beckoning calling me. This morning he had called to me in my dreams to come to New Orleans.
“Bonjour, mon petite cherie. Come to me, I need you here in New Orleans.”
As always, since I was 10 years old, he was just a shadowy figure in my dreams whispering of longings and ancient secrets. I never saw his face, but his voice lingered in my soul. He was an invisible guardian, calling to me, leading me around the world, and watching over me wherever I went. I could feel his presence at times lurking in the shadows around me, but why I never saw him I don’t know. I had followed that voice all over the world, wherever he beckoned. Everywhere I went, I found out more about him, about the myth and legend of Quillon the Vampire. Sometimes I felt like it was all a game. Other times I felt he had a purpose for me.

My grandmother whispered stories of Quillon to me when I was a child. She told me he was a guardian of our family and legend said he was one of our ancestors. He watched over and protected our family and he was the reason many of our family members were rich and successful. As I grew older I grew obsessed with him. I studied our family’s history but could never find any trace of him. I’d read every book on vampires, whether it was myth, legend, or fiction. I’d also watched every movie made on them. I even became a parapsychologist so I could study the supernatural. I’d come face to face with ghosts, witches, and humans with strange talents. I had even come face to face with several other vampires, but never my elusive Quillon. The vampires I had met were not bad. I met a group of them outside L.A.; they called themselves the Vampire Vigilante. They only preyed and killed humans that were criminals: rapists, thieves, drug dealers and that sort. I trailed several vampires that were not so kind, but I never got close to them. I only got close to the many blood drained corpses they left behind. I guess vampires and humans are the same in some ways, there are bad ones and good ones, and some in between.

Quillon had haunted my dreams since I was a child. He had always been there. Even before my grandmother started telling me the stories, he had lurked in the shadows, whispering to me. I felt him close to me in my times of need. He was my protector, my dark guardian angel, my passion.

He was the reason I was now walking the dark streets of the Quarter on this tour. I very much doubted I would find a real vampire in New Orleans during Halloween, but you never know. Vampires seem to be drawn to irony, and it would be ironic to find real vampires blending in with all the craziness of the Halloween festivities. They even hold a Vampyre Ball here every year. The tour was somewhat interesting but focuses mainly on the fiction of Anne Rice’s vampires. If any real vampires lurk in the shadows of New Orleans they were not going to be pointed out to me on this tour.

Romance Junkies give 4 Blue Ribbons to Season Spirits
Midnight Showcase has done it again. They have turned out another hit justin time for Halloween. These stories are filled with paranormal twists and turns, wishes, fantasies and dreams. More than enough to keep you occupied for a long time to come.
Shayla Reviewer for Romance

ETERNAL PASSION leaves me squirming in my seat, and with a hunger to visit New Orleans during Halloween.

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