Friday, December 30, 2005

Do I Kiss and Tell?

I’ve been asked several times recently if the stories I write are based on my own sexual experiences, especially since some are written in the first person. I like writing in the first person sometimes, it is just how my stories flow. In a way I become the character and the character speaks through me. But I’d have to say for the most part, no, none of the stories are works of fact, especially not the ones with vampires, ghosts, ogres or dragons, I haven’t had sex with any of those creatures. Even though I have known a few men who metaphorically speaking could have been ogres.

I think every writer takes pieces of their own life, pieces from the real world, and blends them into their imagination to create wonderful works of fiction. I suppose some characters may be loosely based on people from my real life, both past and present, and some of the women may have some of my own characteristics, but none of them are 100% factual or real and neither are the fantasy scenarios in the stories. My work is fiction, imagination, not true confessions that is unless you are reading my column at, that’s all true stuff and I do not portray it as fiction. Though my stories at and all my other fictionally stories are just that, fiction. Sorry, I’m not the type of girl to kiss and tell, though as I said before like most writers I do take some of my real life and throw it into my work so some people might recognize some events in a few of my stories.

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