Friday, December 30, 2005

Re-vamping My Artistic Soul in the New Year

I decided to include some of my visual artistic attempts at erotica here on my blog. I haven’t done much with my artwork in years. I suppose I could have been good and developed my basic talent but I pursued other things instead. My high school art teacher pushed me to go to art school. I should have listened to her; instead I pursued the world of academia by attending a regular university and majoring in Psychology then adding on a second major in Anthropology while pursuing a writing career. Talk about major burnout, then some type of disinterested boredom kicked in when I realized I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to do.

Somewhere along the way I realized I really love to create things, with words, with ink, with paint, with whatever medium I have in front of me. I think I was afraid to go to art school because for one, I felt I wasn’t good enough. Two, I was afraid to rely on doing something I love to make money because then I wouldn’t love it anymore. It took me a long time to realize if you can make money doing what you love then that’s a blessing.

I pursued my writing for awhile in college then life got in the way and then over 8 years passed until I decided it was time to pursue my dreams again. So for the past year I’ve been pushing towards my goals of being a writer. I’ve made a lot of progress in one year. In this New Year I plan to make much, much more progress. Plus now that my creative energy has been fully brought back to life, I think I’ll start drawing and painting again. Maybe even take a few art classes. It will be fuel for my creative soul.

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