Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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Erotic Poetry (Published 04/07/2005) - This includes the poems Erotic Archer, Oral, Three Together, Painted Dreams (which appears in the first Best of Tit-elation Book), Voyeur by the Lake, Sisters in Shadows, and I Like to Watch
Crimson Valentine (Published 05/03/2005)
Memories - erotic poems (Published 09/07/2005)- includes the poems Remembering a Fantasy, Creation of a Goddess, and Impression of Pleasure
Forbidden (Published 09/13/2005)
Wild Urges (Published 09/29/2005)
Princess Breastia’s Quest for Desire (Published 12/06/2005)

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Articles That Appear in My Sex-Kitten Boudoir

Cerebral Stimulation Needed
Sexy Scavenger Hunts
The Sexual Revolution of the 60's
Pondering the Inner Thoughts of Women in Porn
My Favorite Things- Enchanted Potions
A Foot Lover's Dream- My Fabulous Feet
Review Of the Suction Mistress Breast Massager

I Have Officially Become the Parent of a Teenager
A Life Full of Love and Laughter
Pheromones-The Scent of Attraction

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Articles on Associated

Aromatherapy for Lovers
Erotically Charge Your Bedroom with Feng Shui
Through the Lokking Glass
How to Bring Romance Back into Your Relationship
The Roles of Women in "The Odyssey"
Age Old and New Age Medicine

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Eternal Passions Paranormal Erotica in Season Spirits Digest
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Renata and the Vampire Hunter to be Published by Chippewa Publishing, release date not yet scheduled

Poetry on

Waiting Patiently
published December 2005
Cock Hungry to be published March 2006
Reflected Pleasure to be published April 2006

Poetry on Bareback

Penetration Restriction
Love of Mirrors
Both published January 2006

The Bachelorette Party to be published in Playgirl Magazine May 2006

Editor at since September 2005

Member of the Erotic Authors Association

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