Monday, January 09, 2006

Contest and Calls for Submissions at Tit-elation

Cash Prize Contest: Anticipation & Disappointment

Another unusual contest at, with a goal to get your very best erotic stories, this contest theme is "Anticipation & Disappointment." The goal of this contest is to get stories which capture the emotional intensity of sex.
Before we have sex, especially with new partners or new positions, role play etc, we dream about how it will be -- and we worry if the actual act will live up to the fantasies. Was it the great sex it was imagined to be? Was the BDSM exploration worth the investment in props? Did our partner live up to our expectations? Will it be better the next time, when there isn't quite the same build up, or is it better left as a fantasy? We want the stories that not only describe the sexual situations, but all those feelings too.

The author of the winning story wins a cash prize of $50 - along with the much coveted 'Contest Winner' icon to appear with your story! A second place prize of $25 will also be awarded.

This contest is open to all categories, and they may be set in the past, the present, &/or the future. All stories accepted for publication will receive the usual site compensation as well as be considered for publication in the 'Best Of' erotica anthology. The contest ends on January 22nd, 2006 (midnight, central time).

Send us your best stories via the Tit-Elation author area, please. And put 'Anticipation & Disappointment Contest' in the teaser area, so we can easily spot the entry!
Have fun!

Erotica in Historical Settings

See the writer's guide for compensation:

Sex has been around forever, so why limit your erotica to the present? Possible story ideas: Ancient Egyptian Stories of Lust Maybe cave women did the clubbing & draggin back to caves? Erotic Celtic Romances Forbidden lesbian love & sex in the American West The Sex in Back Seats of Automobiles in The Roaring '20s Film Noir style or classic gum-shoe bits BDSM in the 1950's world of vinyl covered furniture? Sure! Why 'knot' have the little homemaker tie up 'dad' with her apron & beat his tush instead of the rugs! Your imagination's the limit, so get us all hot & bothered! Remember, be creative! This can be as classic & classy as you'd like, as dark & demented as you dare, or full cheeky good fun -- But it must appeal to a female audience! Submit your stories now, and if they tit-elate us enough, you might be published in one of our quarterly 'Best Of' print publications!

Sex in the Future

At we believe that sex will be around in the future ~ if not, we don't want to be there! *wink* Have men been rendered obsolete in all lesbian societies? Will robots do our bidding, even in bed? Maybe you can't hear anyone scream in space, but someone must be moaning anyway! Submit your erotic stories set in the future now, in ten present -- make them so good, they send us to the moon!