Thursday, March 09, 2006

Erotica With Bite

Erotica with Bite Vampire Erotica Anthology is seeking submissions for an upcoming vampire erotica anthology.

From Carmilla and Dracula to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, vampires and dark sexuality have been intertwined. Tit-elation is looking for vampire erotica that embodies the sensuality and attraction of blood and flesh, fear and excitement. Seduce us with your erotic tales of vampire lust, seduction and surrender. Make us long for a sexy bloodsucking immortal. Tempt us, tease us, even terrify us a little just remember to focus on the eroticism of the vampire. Leave out the horror and gore - some blood is OK, we are looking for vampire stories after all, just don't go overboard. Arouse us and make us want to become creatures of the night.

Open to stories that are original, unpublished and hetero, lesbian, and bisexual in content. Stories may be set in the past, present &/or future.
Stories should be over 2,000 words, likely between 4,000 and 6,000 words -- however, we are looking for stories which arouse and captivate the reader, and if you do that well, we'll be too excited to count words!

All stories are to be submitted via the site authors area at

All story submissions should add "Also for consideration for the Erotica with Bite Anthology" in the teaser section of the site submission form.

All stories submitted for this anthology will also be considered for site publication as well as the quarterly 'Best Of' print book, and if accepted, compensated accordingly. As such, all submissions are subject to all the usual publication guidelines and, please, no simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions are welcome.

Deadline: 05/15/06

Compensation: One copy of the anthology per story accepted, payable upon publication. Along with your name/pen name, authors will be allowed to include a two line bio, which may include website, other publications, etc.
Questions? Contact