Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sex Kitten Needs Your Help

Over the years has provided you with personal stories, arousing erotica, honest reviews, hot interviews, exclusive previews, and more sex ed than you can shake a strap-on at. We've helped you identify, scrutinize, question, confront, communicate & come to terms with your sexual and relationship needs, concerns, insecurities, & desires. More than just showing you T n A, we expose our ourselves. We illuminate the issues and our respectful discussions have helped us each gain individual understanding, enlightenment about one another, and assisted our partners as well. And with our wit, clips and tips, we know we've entertained you!

But in order for this party train to not come to end, we need you to start paying for your sex (kittens).

Server costs, bandwidth and tech support (oh, my!) are legitimate costs of this site. Shopping at our store and via our affiliates helps cover some of those costs (or we would have bled to death long ago, thank you!), but it's not enough. It doesn't allow us to be able to give our columnists some cash. (We cannot live by review vibes alone... even those need new batteries! And hell, we're worth it.) So now it's time for you to start paying for the show by donating via Amazon.
Pay $10 for a quarter, and you'll get the V.I.P. Treatment: A Very Important Purr-son tag to display in the message boards, on your website or blog, and our very purr-sonal gratitude. Donate an obscene amount, and we'll call you a sponsor, a sugar daddy, or whatever you want! Can't afford much? Consider a $5 donation the equivalent of our two drink minimum to watch the free show. Or donate what you can, when you can ~ it's as close as you'll get to stuffing bills in our panties.

Treat us like the dirty little whores of sex entertainment (and education) that we are, and donate now!

Everyone else is going the paid membership route, and while we can understand their reasons for doing so, we pride ourselves on being free and available. In order to remain free and still pay our columnists at least a fraction of what they are worth, we need the donations.

"But Gracie," some of you will whine, "isn't a donation the same thing as a membership payment?" No, Virginia, it isn't. Let's look at the differences:

* Paid memberships are set prices; with a donation, you tell us what we're worth based on what you can afford.

* Paid memberships automatically rebill; donations only occur when you decide to make them.

* Paid memberships mean locked sites; with the donation system, the site is still open. This means there are no passwords to remember and you are not locked out on day 31. You can still email links to friends, link to an article in your blog, and share your bookmarks publicly at any time. And yet, columnists can still pay for their internet connections, vibrator batteries, and food.

Everybody wins!

So slip some us some bills and we can continue the show.

With much affection,