Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Renata and the Vampire Hunter just released

My short story, Renata and the Vampire Hunter, is now available from Lady Aibell Press, check it out and buy it today it is only $2.00 support a struggling writer

Renata the Vampire Hunter
by Roxanne Rhoads

The residents of the beautiful small town of Flushing, Michigan would never believe that a vampire lived among them. Something so dark and sinister could not taint the story book beauty of their quaint little town. Yet, Renata walked among them, blended in with the unsuspecting people, seducing them and feeding off them, but she hungered for a kill. When the carnival came to town she figured it was the perfect time to find a new victim. The man she chose to be her victim was no ordinary carni. He stirred a longing deep inside her and turned out to be much more than she bargained for.


She could feel the heat and desire flowing from their young bodies; it made her hot and wet with anticipation. She knew of a secluded spot in the woods behind the park where she had brought some blankets earlier. That is where she would take them.
"Hello, gentlemen. Are you enjoying your night?" she asked them.
"I think we're about to start enjoying it a lot more," said the tall, dark-haired one.
"Oh yeah, I think things are about to get interesting," said the muscular, blond one.
"My name is Renata."
"I'm Drake," said the dark-haired one. Pointing to the blond, he added, "And this is Mike."
Renata could feel the sexual tension in the air. "Why don't we get out of here and do something more enjoyable?"
"Where do you want to go?" the blond asked.
"Follow me."
She led them down the midway and past all the games until they were out of the park. They followed her deep into the forest. When the threesome reached the clearing in the woods, she turned to them and pulled off her thin, little top, exposing her full, round breasts. Her dark nipples hardened in the cool night air.
The two guys stared at her-not even a drunken sorority chick was this easy. Frantically, they started ripping off their own clothes. Soon, Drake and Mike stood naked in front of Renata, their impressive erections waiting for her attention.
Renata slipped out of her sandals and slid her jeans down over her curves. She delicately took off her thong and tossed it on the ground next to one of the blankets she left there earlier. She rubbed her hands over her aching breasts, across her tight stomach, and down between her legs. Her pubic hair was dark and silky, trimmed into a perfect triangle, while the rest of her was bare.
"Come here, boys." she ordered.

© Roxanne Rhoads

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