Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year, Bad Blogger

I am a terrible blogger. As a writer, you think I'd be typing away, posting my thoughts all the time here, but I'm old fashioned and most of my writing still gets handwritten in a notebook. I know how antiquated, but that's how I am. I love to have a pen in my hand and I absolutely love the feel of paper. I love how it looks and feels. Good paper is amazing. That's why I still prefer books over the computer. And being a writer, seeing my name on a screen is not the same as seeing it in print. I love holding something in my hands that has my name on it, my byline. I hope this new year I will see a lot more of that.

Hopefully this new year will have many good things in store for me, including a new computer that isn't so slow, preferably a laptop/notebook that can go anywhere with me and maybe I can get high speed internet sent my way instead of this dial up crap that tries my patience constantly. These companies act like I live out in the boondocks, getting high speed access is like trying to pull teeth out of a gorilla. Maybe once I can update my technological equipment it will not be so hard to get online and update all my websites and blogs because right now it takes so long for everything to load I get impatient and give up, or my 7 month old decides to wake up from his nap before I can even get anything done.

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