Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Reviews for Renata and The Vampire Hunter

Review from Coffee Time Romance.com

ISBN# Unavailable
September 2006
Lady Aibell Press
13 Pages
Dark Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Renata is a vampire living in a mansion tucked into the quiet quaint community of Flushing, Michigan. She stayed to herself, knowing her sexual exploits would get her run out of town. Hunting only to appease her hunger, she drew blood only while making love to the unsuspecting men of her town, erasing their memory while doing so.

Tony is a vampire hunter, sent to kill Renata. When he encounters her, there is an immediate lust that overwhelms his senses. How could he kill her while desire flooded his loins?

Renata and Tony are inexplicably drawn to each other and once at her home, fall into a frenzied orgy of groping, stroking, and caressing. At the height of their passions Renata is overtaken with bloodlust, and hesitates. Tony offers his jugular. Will her desire for him and his blood prove deadly?

Ms. Rhoads has written a wonderful vampire story. Renata is not your typical vampire; although her sexual needs take precedence, she is not cruel. Tony knows the chance he takes, but loving her as completely as he does negates the possibility of dying at her hands. The ultimate twist in the plot makes this more than just a vampire story; it ends as a romance between the hunter and the hunted. I was totally captivated by this story.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Review From Fallen Angel Reviews.com

Renata and the Vampire Hunter

Four hundred years ago, Renata contracted vampirism in the Caribbean. Today, she lives in a small town in Michigan and does what she has to do to survive. No one in the quaint hamlet in which she resides would ever suspect her of anything untoward, even though she preys on the men of the town, taking only what she needs, and occasionally killing someone nobody would miss. Renata is on the hunt tonight; she’s looking for a carnival worker to ease her bloodlust when she encounters Tony, a handsome and well-built loner. What she gets is much more than the simple kill that she bargained for...

Tony is a hunter, one of a rare breed of people destined to hunt and kill vampires. His uncle Markus sent him after Renata, and his intention is to kill her. When a powerful attraction stuns them both, can they carry out their plans?

Renata and the Vampire Hunter is a short, sexy tale of blood, lust and bloodlust. Renata is a woman alone, a woman with a hunger for lifeblood and passion. She is unashamedly slutty, as her powers are tied to both the sex act and the need for sustenance. It was fascinating to watch her come to terms with needing something more. Tony, although not as well-explored as Renata’s character, is a dream of a character – he’s got a secret and he’s undeniably delectable. Renata’s sexual exploits are very erotic, and very detailed. There’s violence here, and it’s of a very sexual nature, so be prepared for a little blood with your sex. With a great premise and a pair of smoking hot lead characters, Renata and the Vampire Hunter earns Four Angels!

Reviewed by: Michelle

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