Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Thursday, March 22, 2007

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10 Ways to Help You Become a Sex Goddess
10 simple ways to help release your inner sex goddess. Read more »

Society and Women's Sexuality
Women should be able to freely express themselves as sexual creatures without being judged, just like men do. Read more »

Sex and the Married Mommy
A mom can still be sexy, she's still a sexual creature. Read more »

Book Review of the Price of Motherhood by Ann Crittendon
Review of- The Price of Motherhood- Why the Most Important JobIn the World is Still the Least Valued.ISBN 0-8050-6619-5 Read more »

Why Wear Lingerie?
A look at why women should wear lingerie. Read more »

Sexy Costume Lingerie: Role Playing Everything from a Police Officer to Little Red Riding Hood
Liven up your sex life with costume lingerie Read more »

Romance And Erotica Books Gaining Popularity
A look at the growth and popularity of erotica in the publishing industry Read more »

Food and Sex: Edible Aphrodisiacs
A look at how food and sex are intertwined and some of the foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs Read more »

Foreplay for the Brain
Women are cerebral creatures while men are visual creatures. A woman's biggest erogenous zone is the mind, while a man's is, well, you know… Read more »

Aromatherapy for Lovers
The 18 essential oils and scents I am going to describe have been chosen for their known aphrodisiacal properties. Use them to boost your sex life and create a sexually enticing atmosphere in your bedroom and throughout your entire home. Read more »

Bedtime Stories for Lovers
Want something to add a little spice to your love life. Try reading erotic stories to each other. Read more »

The Erotica Writer's Guide to Creating the Perfect Bio
At tit-elation.com I am the editor that handles all the writer's bios for promotion on the website and in newsletters . I get asked by writers all the time how to write a bio, so I decided to write a guide to help erotica authors write the perfect bio. Read more »

The Scent of Attraction: How do Pheromones Work?
A look at what pheromones are, how they work, and if any of the commercial pheromone products are worth buying. Read more »

Erotically Charge Your Bedroom With Feng Shui
Use the ancient Chinese art of feng shui to fill your bedroom with the positive flow of sexual energy and turn it into an erotic love nest. Read more »

How to Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship
Once you begin to feel secure in your relationship the romance may dwindle and with time it can go right down to nothing. Then security and contentment can breed boredom. Here are some easy ways to bring romance back into your relationship. Read more »

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