Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

If you are into alpha males this is the series for you. J.R. Ward has created the world of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, warrior vampires that fight to save their race from the evil vampire slaying lessers.

J.R. Ward has flipped all the myths and legends about vampires and turned them around creating her own breed and style of sexy vampires. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is full of alpha male vampires that are wicked, totally bad ass, sexy as hell, and huge (everywhere, if you know what I mean).

The vampires in the Brotherhood are a combined mix of different types of bad ass dominant men in the world. When they are fighting and sometimes just lounging around they are decked out in leather and covered in weapons, totally bad ass biker meets trained assassin. Then a few really love to get all decked out in designer label clothing, Gucci and other high end stuff. Totally GQ meets mafia man. Add that to they drive around in tricked out Hummers and the like listening to hardcore rap music with the latest technology gadgets. Hello drug dealer, meets James Bond tech. Talk about testosterone. I swear it literally drips off the pages.

I've read a lot of paranormal and romance books with alpha male types but I really have to applaud J.R. Ward for her totally real take on the male psyche and the attributes these guys have. She must really be in touch with her male side to have instilled such masculine, testosterone laced characters with life. The dialogue alone is...well...wow. The interaction between these males is riveting.

However her female influence kicks in because all these males have the damaged bad boy characteristics (fatal flaws I call them) that one woman and one woman alone can help them overcome.

I know it's what makes great fiction, what every woman dreams of, getting a hold of the bad boy and being the one that changes him, makes him settle down and can fix him, ease his suffering and take away the pain. Too bad in real life the fatal flaws end up destroying the woman that tries to fix them. At the very least it destroys the relationship. men like that usually just end up in prison, mental institutions or living a life full of pain and suffering, usually caused to others.

But hey this is fiction and everyone falls in love and gets a happily ever after scenario. Well, not everyone. The world of The Brotherhood is a dangerous one and they continue to fight and sometimes they love and they lose. That bites (pun intended) because i really like getting lost in fiction and some people shouldn't die or suffer in books. I really hope in future books J.R. makes magic and brings someone back from the dead. Hey, it happens. It's fiction after all.

The sixth book, Lover Enshrined, is due out in June. Can't wait. I'm glad I found yet another series that rocks. I have to say this one is more hardcore than most. not a lot of fluffy bunnies running around in these romance novels. Check them out. You'll love them.

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