Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Colleen Gleason, RT, and Adrian Paul

I was checking out fellow Michigan author, Colleen Gleason's, blog this week and she was talking about the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention (RT). She was talking about all the things she was going to do at the convention. And it all sounds like fun, dress up Balls, parties, author signings, work shops...Maybe someday I'll go, it would probably be great networking, I'm just so not a big crowd type of person. Hundreds, maybe thousands of romance fans, writers, and publishers crowded into one space...ugh. I think of all that crazy energy assaulting me...I don't know like I said not a big crowd type person. I'm more of a quiet one on one type gal or even a small intimate affair of several people talking and having a good time. I had my share of big crowds, parties, and clubs when I was younger, now I', not boring, I know what you were thinking, no, just more laid back I guess. I exhibit my wildness in more private settings.

Anyway, back to what I was talking about. RT, Colleen was talking about all the interesting things going on there then she gets to the Cover Model Reunion Dinner. What? Sexy hunks roaming around...the guys you see on the cover of those books in person, in real life? My interest was piqued. Then she said Adrian Paul was going to be there. OMG!!!! Talk about walking fantasy. I'd brave thousands of women and pay $$$ to have Adrian Paul for dinner...hhmm...I mean have dinner with Adrian Paul. ;-)

Adrian Paul is an amazing actor among many other things. His most famous role was probably as Duncan MacLeod on the TV series Highlander. Oh he was so yummy. Highlander was on when I was in my late teens and early twenties (mostly reruns by then I think) and while the other girls were drooling over Tom Cruise (blah), Brad Pitt (eternally handsome), and rock stars of the day, I fantasized about the dark and dreamy Duncan MacLeod with a slight Scottish brogue. That is one man I wouldn't mind seeing in a kilt or in anything else, though I think less would even be better.

But it's too late, I won't be heading off to Pittsburg so I miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Adrian Paul. Oh well, reality rarely ever compares with fantasy so I'll just keep dreaming.

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Ambereliz said...

It is a shame that you will not be able to come to the convention as Adrian Paul is even better in reality. He is drop dead gorgeous (even better looking now than he was during Highlander) and extremely nice