Sunday, April 27, 2008

Laurell K Hamilton's Coming to Michigan

Laurell K Hamilton's newest book, Blood Noir, was scheduled to come out in June but now is being released on May 27. She has this cute excuse letter on her site so you can get out of any obligations to have the time to read the book. :-)
I have my book on order from Amazon but they are so slow at shipping sometimes. It better be at my house by June 3 because LKH is coming to Michigan. Woo Hoo!!! She's doing a book signing at an Ann Arbor Borders. So yes I am going to drive over an hour to Ann Arbor on a Tuesday to get my book signed. I wonder how packed it is going to be? Usually book signings are no big deal, but LKH? I think it is going to be packed, especially since this is her only Michigan appearance for the Blood Noir book tour. One way or another I'm going.

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