Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Questions

So here are my questions, I'll give you some hints at the end on where to find the answers. To play and enter the contest copy and paste the questions into your email, add the answers and email to eroticroxanne@yahoo.com put scavenger hunt in the subject line. All entries must be received by June 1st. Winner will be chosen from those entries who get all (or the most) answers correct. Only one winner will be chosen.


Where do I (Roxanne Rhoads) live?

How many children do I have?

Am I married?

What erotica web site did I use to edit for?

What popular women's magazine has my work been published in?

Name 5 web sites where my poetry has appeared?

Name 5 web sites where my erotic fiction has appeared?

What are the names of my two main characters in Renata and tha Vampire Hunter?

What are the two luscious ladies' names in Halloween Surprise?

What web site does my erotic story Tasty Christmas Treats appear on?

Name one of my favorite authors:

How many of my stories are currently available on TasselsandTales.com and what are the titles?
What sexy site am I a regular columnist for?

OK all these answers can be found by visiting my blog Roxanne's Realm and reading through past blog posts, by visiting my CafeMom group Erotica Lovers, or by hitting a search engine and searching for my name or the title of one of my stories and my name.

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