Friday, June 20, 2008

Blood Noir by LKH

I am almost finished with Blood Noir. I know what kind of die hard fan am I that hasn't even finished the book yet. Ahh...I had a stack of review books a mile high to get through. I still haven't finished them but I decided to take a break and read the books I really want to read. Not that most of my review books aren't great or interesting reads but come on this is LKH. Blood Noir is #1 of the NY Times Bestseller list. Congrats Laurell!

Anyway, this book is fantastic. Hot, hot, hot. Laurell's writing is considered to be genre busting, especially now that the sex has gotten so intense. At my local book store they shove it in the horror section since that is basically what it is defined as by her publishers but it is really so much more. Maybe horrotica (horror + erotica), horromatica (horror + erotica+ romance)?

I love Jason, though not my most favorite guy in the books ( I have a soft spot for Jean Claude, I love Richard but he irritates me, Micah is whatever something about him just doesn't do it for me and my heart aches for Nathaniel, Asher reminds me of someone I rather don't like so he doesn't do it for me either) but Jason he's the happy go lucky cutey who can Cheer you up, make you smile and someone you can count on to always be there when you need him.

Steamy hot sex, tigers, tigers and more weretigers (what you say, tigers? But Jason's a wolf... read the book!) and trouble, trouble, trouble. Anita should learn not to go out of town without her full entourage. Really, she always goes in unprepared and gets her ass kicked, though don't get me wrong she does plenty of ass kicking herself.

I am loving this book. I didn't want to put it down last night but guaranteed I'll finish it tonight. I can't wait to see what happens. So far Richard has made an appearance trying to be Anita's knight in shining armor even if he has an attitude about things...get over it Richard the girl can't change the way she is.

So I'll be back to tell you more when the book is finished.