Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interview with Me at Eternal Press Authors Blog and Blood Noir comments

Today, Sunday June 22, the author's blog for Eternal Press is supposed to be hosting an interview they did with me. Check it out here: Eternal Press Authors.

I just wonder when they'll be posting it because it is Sunday (almost noon) and it is not up yet. Ah, we'll see.

Oh, by the way, finished the book, Blood Noir. Wow, great book but it did leave me with some unanswered questions.


Did Richard keep the ardeur? What's the deal with the Summerlands and Jason? Obviously Jason is an illegitimate Summerland child, the third son, but what about everyone else in town that looks alike? Are all those ex-girlfriends actually Jason's half sisters? Hello incest. Was Keith Summerland about to marry Lisa even though they could have been related? Ewwww. Was something up in that little North Carolina town besides a horny guy that slept with everyone? Like something supernatural? It seems there was more that LKH didn't expand on that she could have. Like which Summerland boy did Jason's sister mistake for him? The one that made her think he was gay? Must have been the quiet one, not Keith, the one that never made an appearance at the hotel for his own twin brother's wedding...

Such a great book, but so much background info that I though would be expanded on and explained just got left in the dust. It really makes me wonder about Jason and his creepy little town in the mountains. Maybe she'll come back to it in the future, especially now that ***SPOILER AHEAD*** Jason is her wolf to call. He's become a more important element to her life so maybe we'll see much more of him and learn more in the future. I just feel there is something there that will come back and bite Anita in the ass, it usually does.

Anyone who has read Blood Noir and would like to discuss it email me or leave some comments.