Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Updates, Book Reviews and More

Things didn't work out as planned so I didn't get to go to Ann Arbor for Laurell K Hamilton's only Michigan book signing. I guess the stars were just not aligned right for me this time. Hopefully next time she comes to Michigan things will work out. Maybe she'll even come to Flint. Yeah, right. No one ever comes to Flint.

Anyway...I have a new article up at Lucrezia. Check it out. Sensual Goodies Every Sex Goddess Should Have.

And be on the look out for upcoming reviews: The Art of Desire, Wicked Hot, Private Places and many others. I'll post links to them when they are up and ready to read. Let me tell you though these are some great books. The Art of Desire by Cherie Feather is a steamy, sexy read that spans two centuries and is about two sets of lovers united by an old journal. Wicked Hot, the name says it all. This book by Charlene Teglia is a wicked hot read about a succubus and two Nephilim (half man half angel and oh so damn sexy). And Private Places is a multiple author anthology of sizzling hot historical erotica stories. The Art of Desire came out yesterday, June 3. Wicked Hot will be out in July and Private Places will be out August 5 along with Colleen Gleason's 4th Gardella Vampire Chronicles novel, When Twilight Burns. Which I will also have a review up for that soon.

Yes, I read a lot. My husband is complaining that I am reading so much that I don't have time to write my own stuff. Uhmm...yes and no. Reading is my escape it helps me unwind and relax. Plus I think it is the only thing that slows my mind down. Watching TV, working out, gardening, anything else and my mind races with millions of things that I need to do or that I need to write about. Reading, that shuts off everything else and lets me focus.

Plus I am taking a bit of a hiatus from writing fiction right now. I got frustrated with my work, it wasn't turning out how I wanted it to. So I am focusing on writing non-fiction and expanding my career in other areas. But the characters in my head are never quiet so I'll need to get back to them soon before they drive me crazy. Yes, you read that right. There are voices in my head. Seriously, don't all fiction writers have voices in their heads? If the characters aren't real to us how can they ever be brought to life for you to read?

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Sheri WhiteFeather said...

Thank you for your glowing Night Owl Romance review of THE ART OF DESIRE. I'm going to post a link to the review on my blog.