Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Fans Don't Love Vampire Shows

I gave Kindred another chance. Last week Chiller ran a marathon of all 8 episodes so I recorded them all to my DVR. I remember back then (Pre-Buffy Days) I liked the show and was really disappointed when it was cancelled yet to be honest I can see a few reasons why. Though it was much better than I originally thought this time around.

The first episode I watched this time was kinda lame and C. Thomas Howell, blah...I hate his voice and his character. For the most part the rest of the series turned out to be pretty good. I don't think it was really given a chance to explore the mythology behind it all. Mark Frankel was beautiful eye candy (sad that he was killed in a motorcycle accident after the show ended). As Julian Luna he was the strong vampire with a heart, just a little bit of the angst that made him lovable.

I think the biggest problem with putting vampires on TV is the cheese factor. It is so hard to portray the sexiness, the power, the unnatural way a vampire moves, all of the animalistic qualities they have...when we read books about vampires we can imagine all that in our heads but it just can't really come across the way we want it to on TV. No amount of makeup, special effects, or computer generated crap can compare to our imaginations.

Other than that are vampire fans just too picky? Are we snobs? Why are all the vampire shows doomed to die a quick death? Moonlight barely made it through one season, Blood Ties finished two (technically 1 that was split into 2 seasons), Kindred lasted only 8 episodes. What other vampire shows have their been? Dark Shadows was before my time and way too cheesy Looking for me to even check out then there was Forever Knight. I watched that because nothing else was on late at night and I think it came on before or after Highlander. The guy in Forever Knight was so Not sexy. Rick Springfield was so much hotter in the movie the show was based on.

None of those shows were ever huge hits.

And well, obviously there were Buffy and Angel but those are exceptions to the rule. Somehow they had the magic that made them hugely popular. Buffy had to be the most successful vampire show ever which I find amusing because the movie SUCKED. I think Buffy appealed to the masses because it was a show more for the younger crowd yet adults could get into it too and vampire fans could rejoice whether they were for or against vamps. Plus the show did not take itself too seriously. It was fun.

Vampire fans are many. I would think that a vampire show would do really good. We've all had a bit of empty spot since first Buffy then Angel left us. But like I said I think we're snobs or maybe we aren't enough in number to make a show a hit (after all the networks want big numbers, every show needs to be a CSI or Grey's Anatomy or it gets the boot these days).

They don't understand the cult followings that vampire shows can get. Sci Fi and fantasy shows are marketable because of that following. It's not just about numbers or viewers think spin offs, merchandise, conventions, etc. Highlander did cruises with the cast and sold a shit load of merchandise. A whole catalog devoted to Highlander stuff. Adrian Paul still goes to conventions and is famous because of his Highlander fans. And the show ended how long ago?

HBO is coming out with a new series based on the Charlaine Harris books about Southern vampires. Supposedly HBO is going all out for this show. The pre-show buzz is not looking good though. The cheese factor is already at a pretty high level and the show hasn't even started yet. Plus I don't have HBO anymore. Their shows started to suck bad so I went over to Showtime: Dexter, Weeds and The L Word rock.

Anyway, I hope someone comes out with a really good vampire show. Hey networks, if you need ideas give me a call. Have I got ideas for you. Get rid of those lame ass writers who don't know Jack about vampires.

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