Thursday, September 25, 2008

Laurell K Hamilton News

The newest book in the Merry Gentry series will soon be out. Woo Hoo! Book 7, Swallowing Darkness is scheduled to be released November 4th.

Other exciting LKH news: I hear Laurell is involved in talks about there being a movie and/or TV series based on the Anita Blake novels. Can you say "Oh hell yeah!"

I can't imagine they'll find guys as beautiful as I imagine them in my head though. Laurell must have the sexiest men in literary history in her novels. The way she describes them...I just don't think men like that really exist. They are just sexier than anything that has ever walked this earth, but you know...I would love to audition men just to see what's out there. :-)

Anyway, that is something to totally look forward to since they've canceled all my vamp shows. No more Blood Ties, no Moonlight... and the new series on HBO...I don't get HBO. I doubt I'll pay for it just to get the vamp show since I haven't really heard if it's any good or not. There was a lot of hype about it before it started but now that its on...not so much of anything.

At least some shows are back on. Smallville is back...drool...Tom Welling is sexy as ever. Ghost Whisperer will be back on soon so will Grey's Anatomy. Hey did anyone see the new show The Mentalist? It has promise.