Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting into the Sexy Spirit of the Holidays

"Ho Ho Ho."

"Yes, Santa, I'm right here."

"Well, well, well, what are you wearing you naughty little elf? That's not a standard elfin uniform."

"No, Santa. I wanted to add something a little more fun and festive to the cold and long winter nights around here"

"That little number is sure to heat things up. I'm feeling hotter already. Where did you get that? I think some of the other elves should get little costumes with jingle bell trim as well."

"Oh, I bought it at They have a whole section of naughty holiday items."

"Really, I have a whole list of "good" but naughty big kids on my list who would enjoy something special."

"Oh, Santa, I can shop for you. Just tell me what you need."

"Well, I could use some sexy holiday stockings that look like high heeled boots."


"How about some boobie gift wrap?"


"Glass dildos?"

"What kind? They have a huge selection?"

"Something swirly."

"How about the Don Wands Blue Swirl Mushroom Tip Rocket?"

"Sounds great. The Mrs. will love it. Now how about you come over here and sit on Santa's lap and give him what he really wants for Christmas this year." Santa unzips his red pants and pulls out something big and hard just for me.

I hike my little elfin dress up, no panties underneath, and slide onto Santa's big fat cock.

"Oh, my dear, this is going to be such a naughty Christmas."

"Oh, yes, Santa," I cry as I ride him fast and hard, "such a wonderfully naughty Christmas."

"When we're done here, you'll have to take me to to pick out some more gifts."

"Oh yes, Santa, yes, yes, yes..."

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