Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sexy Christmas Stockings

I love things that are different, especially when they are different and sexy. I found this sexy high heeled boot holiday stocking at the SexToy.com store.

You won't find one of these at the local grocery store or even at a department store.

I found it in the holiday items at SexToy.com. They have such a great selection of naughty holiday gifts and goodies. You're sure to find plenty to stuff your stockings...or other parts.

This sexy vinyl stocking is great to hang by the bed so Santa can stuff it with the little intimate items on your Christmas wish list. They also have a guy's boot stocking, it is not as sexy, but if you are doing a his and hers theme, they make a great pair.
I know I'll be hanging my sexy stocking right next to my corset lamp and hope that Santa pays me a visit. Maybe he'll stick around long enough for a Christmas quickie.

At this time of year some of us delve into forbidden Santa fantasies.

Oh course my Santa isn't old and fat, but young and ripped and he brings me everything on my Christmas list. Oh course most of it is un-wrapable, unless he just ties a bow around the good part. You know the one that is nice and stiff and very large. I wonder if he tastes like candy canes or hot cocoa? Maybe a candy cane dipped in hot cocoa. Hmm..

Anyway, if you grab one of these sexy stockings maybe Santa will be inspired to stick something in you...er, I mean your stocking...maybe some really great sex toys.

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