Monday, January 12, 2009

Kat-nip By Bikini Kitty an Aromatic Aphrodisiac

Ladies if you need to get your motor running, as in purring, purring like a sex kitten, grab a little bottle of this Aphrodisiac roll on by Bikini Kitty.

Kat-nip is a deliciously scented exotic blend of oils that get the blood pumping to your nether regions to put you in the mood for some good green lovin.

That's right, I said green. Bikini Kitty products are all organic, vegan, toxin free, and cruelty free.

The exotic aroma that wafts from your skin after rolling it on is sexy and soothing and smells slightly of licorice.

In a study by Dr Alan Hirsch black licorice was found to be a very erotic aroma that gets the blood flowing to the genitals which increases sexual arousal and response.

In fact I think I wrote an article or two about scentual sex based on Dr. Hirsch's studies. I know one article appeared on

Anyway maybe the wonderfully organic Kat-Nip will help you get some good green lovin and have wonderfully organic orgasms.

I just love Kat-Nip. It had me purring and ready to go all day long. What a hot sex boost in the middle of a cold winter. Meow.