Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year New Life

Today starts a new year, I can't say I'm sad to see 2008 go. It wasn't a bad year but I am looking forward to 2009 being a great year.

I am starting the New Year with a new hair style and new outlook on life. Two days before Christmas I had 7 1/2 inches chopped off my hair, and it's still at my shoulders but all layered and stylish instead of long and boring.

I love my new hairstyle. So along with it I am adopting new attitudes about life. I want to explore the world around me and try new things, get out of the rut that I've been in. Sure routine is great but when you are getting nowhere with it- it is time to try something new.

I haven't sat down and written out all of my New Year's resolutions yet but I am going to. When I write something down I won't forget it and I will be more likely to do it.

So Happy New Year everyone. Let's hope 2009 is a fabulous year.