Friday, January 30, 2009

Quoted on Louisa Burton's Blog

As I have mentioned before, I sometimes google myself so I can see where I appear on the web. Sometimes I find reviews of my work, mentions of my work, or like I found today, a quote.

I love this one. It is a quote from the review I did for Louisa Burton's book, Whispers of the Flesh, she posted it on her blog. So cool.

Here was the quote excerpted from the review originally published on

"WHISPERS OF THE FLESH, the third book in Louisa Burton’s Hidden Grotto series, is a sensual delight. As splendidly arousing as the first two novels in the series, book three delves into the past to explore some of the Grotto’s history, then returns to the present where two lovers are doomed to be kept apart until a flashback to a hippie weekend at the Grotto uncovers several truths that have been kept secret for too many years.... Exquisitely written, and the author does a seamless job of bouncing back and forth through time. Burton's novels are tantalizing, erotic, and thoroughly arousing. A true delight to read."
Roxanne Rhoads, Night Owl Romance