Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sexy Man Candy- A Feast for the Eyes at Garden of Adam

Ladies, you have got to Check Out the Garden of Adam ! Wow! Women finally have a place to go to see gorgeous men in sensual photos.

The photos are "Erotic Male Nudes through a Woman's Eyes" and all the photography is by Nancy Murrian. Hello!! I want her job!!! I knew I should have taken those photography classes.

The photos in the Midnight group....ah that guy makes my heart go flitter flutter and places farther south get a bit warm. I don't know...all the guys are sexy as hell...but him...yum.

Want to check out a free sample? Visit this free gallery. You won't be sorry.

I am picky about my man candy. Not every good looking guy is drool worthy, to me some of the guys are too young, some are too something but some are...just right. I am still drooling over the Midnight guy. Must be the look in his eye, or the massive package he's sporting...

Drop by Garden of Adam and check it out. Talk about a fine way to get warm on a cold winter day! Hell yeah.