Thursday, February 12, 2009

Super Sexy Red and Black Corset

product picture
Corset and panty set by Coquette
Material: Mesh / Lace / Lycra

OK, corset number two ready for a trial run. Is this one going to fit right without needing someone else to lace me up and tie me in place? Oh yeah!

This sexy corset is very stretchy and the lacings are on the sides which makes for easy one person dressing. This will be my Valentine's Day (night) tool of seduction. This one is so totally me.

The other corset I tried was pretty but this one...oh it is so vamp-alicious. It is all black and red . Sexy, sexy, sexy. It features a red Lycra corset top/bustier with black mesh overlay, padded underwire cups, satin ribbon lacing on each side, corset boning, adjustable straps and a tiny little g-string...heavy emphasis on the string.

The g-string, getting tossed. Those things only look good on mannequins...or maybe super skinny models. I don't know- they don't look good on me and they never have. Not when I was skinny and not now with my voluptuous and extra booty-licious curves.

I have a cute and flattering black lacy thong that will work perfect with it. It's not like hubby's going to notice and say hey, that doesn't match 100% or didn't you already have that thong? Please he's a man, he's not that observant. Unless of course he's watching TV. Then he can tell you that plant that was in the scene before is no longer in the scene now. Yeah... Anyway...

Sexy corset...going have me strutting my stuff all over the place Valentine's night. I have already stocked up on sexy smelling candles (which all also very natural and green by the way) and I have some fair trade chocolate. Now I just need to get him a good gift. I don't know- everything he wants is either really expensive or something I know nothing about-like parts for his vintage baja VW bug that he's working on. I'll figure out something. We said we weren't going all out this year with stuff we don't need like flowers and cards but I want to give him something (other than me).

Anyway...I got the super sexy and Luxurious corset (with awful g-string) at, one of my super favorite places to shop for all things sexual. I am also a reviewer on the site. You can find tales of all my experiences with a variety of naughty goodies there.

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