Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Intimate Organics

I love Intimate Organics Foaming Bath/ Shower Gel. The fresh orange and ginger aroma is actually energizing. It's a wonderful wake me up in the morning smell.

SexToy.com has added a lot of green/organic sex products to their store recently, many organic lubes and lotions and other green goodies. The Intimate Organics line has quite a few good offerings. So far I have enjoyed all of the Intimate Organics products that I have tried- this one is spectacular though.

Not too many organic/all natural bath products give you a good lather but this one does and it smells so good. Even my Florida born husband loves it. Of course the smell of oranges is part of him, permanently imprinted into his brain so he loves anything that smells of orange, pineapples or especially coconut.

The great thing is he's not too manly to enjoy or even use my fruity smelling products. Don't get me wrong the man is no where close to being metro sexual he is just very secure in his manhood. If somebody said something to him about it- he's man enough (therefore testosterone laced enough) to deck him for it...in the good old fashioned way men deal with insults. :-)

Anyway, If you are into being green scoot on over to sextoy.com today because not only do they offer Intimate Organics and other organic sex goodies they also carry eco-friendly sex toys-like those made from phthalate free materials and glass.

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