Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Review of Ruffle G-string with Bow

The sexy g string ruffle with a cute little bow in the back, looks sexy as hell on twiggy the model over there doesn't it? Not so much on someone with curves. Plus it is itchy!

What the hell is it made from anyway? Scratchy bags?
This g string is labeled as queen size, let me decipher that for those not used to lingerie shopping.

Lingerie that comes in boxes and one size fits most type deals runs small. A small fits like a super extra small, a medium like a smaller, a large like a medium and queen or extra large like a large. So a queen size actually fits like a size 12 maybe.

I know- I really don't like being labeled as a plus size or queen size because my ass fits into jeans that are double digit numbers like a 10 or 12. Har-Umph. (that's my irritated noise).

I don't know who designs or sizes lingerie. I used to work at a store similar to Lover's Lane and it amazed me- the stuff and sizes it came in. Hello? Most lingerie seems to be made for stick figures, flat mannequins, porn stars and teenagers (who shouldn't be wearing the stuff).

I fit into none of the above categories, nor do I feel like I should have to shop at a store catering to plus size lingerie when I don't feel like a plus size woman. I am like in between.

With normal clothes I shop in the normal section, I can squeeze into anything from a medium to an extra large depending on how the top is made (my boobs are pretty big, still). Jeans it all depends on the brand and style anything from a 10 to a 13. I am curvy y'all.

But this little ruffled g string made me feel like a cow. A queen size and the damn thing cut into my curves and was not flattering-at all. I thought the ruffle would flatter, but naw it just itched.

The lingerie at SexToy.com is made for all types of women, they carry many brands and a variety of sizes I just happened to pick wrong this time and find something I did not like at all. It happens from time to time.
Maybe I should stick to shopping for sex toys I seem to have better luck finding the right size.

Maybe I should design my own lingerie and start a company- lingerie for real women- designed for women with curves.

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