Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday Night Fantasies

Ahh, last night was Thursday. I love Thursday nights, most of my favorite shows are on Thursday nights. Thank the Goddess for DVRs.

So last night I DVR'd Smallville, Bones, CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Harper's Island.

I was thrilled that Grey's and Private Practice were finally back until they said next week is the season finale of Private Practice. That sucks.

CSI isn't the same without Grissom but it is still watchable. I love, love, love Bones. You think Bones and Booth will ever hook up. I would so hook up with David Boreanaz any day.

My heart is with Tom Welling on Smallville though. Did you see the part in last night's episode where he lifted up his shirt to show Chloe he wasn't hurt? I rewound that scene like a million times drooling over the magnificence of his body, minor flash that it was.

They really need to get that man to show some more skin, get things heated up on the show. I think Tom Welling is the hottest man on TV. I don't know if it the big blue eyes, the dark hair, the perfect square jaw line or that freaking body...whatever it is the entire package of that man just does it for me.

If I ever get a full length romance novel published that's my cover model. He is so the man of my erotic inspiration.

I found those pictures of Tom online, they are from early Smallville seasons when he was younger and a little thinner. I like him a little thicker now though the muscle definition is spectacular is it not?

You know when I first started drooling over him I was afraid of robbing the cradle since he played a teenager on the show, but no worries he's much older than he looks. Only a year younger than me. Woo Hoo! So I don't have to feel guilty about my fantasies.