Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Review of Sexy Camo Chemise

product picture
Chemise and panty set by Fantasy Lingerie
Material: Mesh
I am a girlie girl.

Sure I walk the darker line of the feminine spectrum favoring red and black over pink and other awful pastels (the pink of this blog does not count it is more rose and mauve, the pinks I hate are pink, pink, I'm talking light baby girl and baby pig pinks, yuck).

I also go for the darker things, more goth but not quite goth. I would say a modern woman with goth style elements. Hmmm...

Anyway, I have never before donned camouflage for any reason whatsoever. No not even pink camo print panties. Nada. No camo.

My husband on the other hand is a camouflage wearing, hunting, outdoorsman. Not a bad thing, just not my thing. Sure I am all for being outside, just don't ask me to shoot anything, sleep in a tent or bait a hook. There I draw the line.

One day scanning through the lingerie at EdenFantasys.com I found this camo chemise and after much debate decided to request it as a review product. Totally new experience for me wearing camo. Like I said, girlie girl here. Black lace, black leather, red lace, burgundy satin, red velvet...those aer the norms for me. But wanting to give my hubby a whole new perspective I went for the camo...for him.

And boy was he pleasantly surprised. So was I. The chemise made of stretchy mesh material with a camo print fit perfectly, hugging the right curves, hiding the bad ones :-), and showing off all my assets advantageously. (Sans the awful g-string of course, I have covered how I hate those fabric covered pieces of dental floss before).

The bullet detail at the top of the chemise is a great added touch, hubby really loved that.

I pranced around and showed off my little camo chemise and he enjoyed every second of it. Didn't even want me to take it off when we got to the good stuff. That's a sign he finds the outfit to be a major turn on because otherwise he rips things off me so we can enjoy naked time together.

It was a wonderful night full of primal passion. I think the camo brought out the hunter in him.

Hubby couldn't believe I donned camo for him, he said it was a fantasy come true the only thing that could make it better would be me wearing the camo chemise in a hunting cabin up north.

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