Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reviews at Night Owl Romance

I have a couple new reviews up at that I keep forgetting to post links to them but here they are now...finally.

In the Garden of Sin by Louisa Burton. I am a big Hidden Grotto series fan, I love the sensuality of the books but this one left me a little disappointed. Hope in the next Burton goes back to her roots with her original style. This one was a bit too modern and with a bit too much BDSM exploration in it. Not my thing.

A Flash of Hex by Jes Battis was a pretty good book. New world, new series for me. Now I have to go back to read the first book in the series.

Wizards, demons, and magic meets CSI. Pretty awesome in the detail and procedural descriptions (sometimes a little too much, some details I just don't need).