Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Free Halloween Story: Curves with Bite

This is a free Halloween story for your enjoyment.

This story was actually inspired by HipsandCurves.com which caters to plus size apparel.

I was working on a story idea about sexy plus size lingerie when I found the site. Their beautiful attire inspired me to write this little story.

Curves with Bite
By Roxanne Rhoads

A Halloween Costume Ball!

When Karen called to tell me she had scored four free tickets to the Vampyre Ball I was psyched. The idea excited me so much, I loved Halloween more than any other holiday and I hadn’t done anything fun- really fun, for adults, in a long time…but squeezing my post baby butt into any of my old costumes was out of the question.

The thought of trying on new costumes made my stomach turn thinking about how much weight I had gained during the pregnancy. Weight that refused to come off even now almost a year after little Robby had been born.

Maybe I should just forget about it and not even go, I am sure Rob would forgive me-wouldn’t he?

No, he’d tell me to get off my butt and enjoy life and not worry about how I looked, especially since he thought I was sexy no matter what the scale told me. I just couldn’t believe that. Every time I looked in the mirror I could see what I used to look like and it haunted me because I no longer looked that way.

I knew there was no way I was going to find anything sexy and plus size at the local costume stores. No, all that they had to offer was mass produced polyester.

I wanted something that was going to make me look and feel as sexy… and vamp like as possible, but was that even going to be possible? I hadn’t grown accustomed to being a plus size woman yet so I hadn’t bought anything but cheap clothes and some cotton panties from Wal-mart. I lounged around the house with a baby all day wearing Rob’s sweats. No wonder I never felt sexy.

So where to begin searching for sexy plus size costumes? I decided to start with just plus size clothing search online and after scouring a few sites I hit the jackpot.

I found an amazing lingerie store that catered to plus size women, HipsandCurves.com, they also carried some clothing and accessories like skirts, shoes, and gloves. I couldn’t believe the beautiful things that had for sale and how gorgeous and curvy the models looked. Perhaps having a little extra padding wasn’t so bad. I now had the huge boobs I had always wanted and a nice round rump to match. I still had the same basic shape I always did, just with… more.

I was still beautiful, that meant I could still dress like a beautiful woman. I didn’t have to hide under sweats and loose tunics and babydolls. I should show the world my sexy womanly curves.
So I finally talked myself into the risqué outfit I put together and gave myself a pep talk that yes, I would actually wear it to the Ball and not chicken out.

Yeah, right! That depended on how it would actually look on me once I had it home and could try it on.

I waited impatiently, for what seemed like an eternity but was only a couple days, for the package to arrive in the mail.

I waited for Robby to be asleep and everyone else to be gone at work and school before trying my ensemble on.

I opened the box carefully and unwrapped everything, oohing and ahhing at the fabrics and the colors.

I had thought about purchasing the vampiress collar but I didn’t like things to be up around me like that so I settled on something more subtle. I had chosen a long Parisian style, floor length skirt, black of course. I was worried about the rows and rows of black satin and organza ruffles that looked like layers. I was afraid it would be too much and just add bulk to what I felt was already a massive backside. I carefully laid it on the bed to inspect the most prized and naughty piece of my costume- the Baronessa Steel Boned Silk Corset in ruby red. I tingled with excitement. Would I actually be able to wear a corset in public?

More importantly how the hell was I going to get that thing on without Rob’s help?

I called Karen.


“Oh. My. God! Diane you are so gorgeous! Look at your cleavage! Your curves! I am so jealous. All the guys at the Ball are going to be ogling your boobs all night,” she giggled.

“I think it’s too much. I am showing way too much skin. I can’t possibly wear this in public.” I moaned as I looked in the mirror from every angle. Yeah, I looked pretty vampish in the black and crimson costume but there was a lot of skin, my skin, my very pale white skin showing up top.

“Here put on the opera gloves and drape this sexy shawl over your shoulders. If you are feeling exposed you can cover more, if you are feeling sexy you can cover less. Come on let’s see how it all looks together, put on the shows too.”

To complete my outfit I had bought I pair of exquisite heels I would probably fall and break my ankle in but hey they looked good.

“You are so freaking hot, D. Rob is going to die when he sees you. I bet you haven’t dressed up for him in ages, have you?”

“No,” I confessed, “I just haven’t felt sexy since Robby was born."

“Well, girl, look in the mirror I think you got your sexy back!”

I looked, then I really looked and I had to admit I think she was right.

“The night of the Ball you have to come over and help me get ready. I want to blow Rob away with the surprise of me walking down the stairs wearing this. Bring your costume over and it’ll be like when we teenagers getting ready for prom together.”

She smiled, “You better believe it, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.”


The night of the Ball I was having doubts until Karen showed up with vampire makeup and margarita mix.

“I can’t get drunk before we even get to the Ball,” I protested.

“No, but one margarita will give you the extra shot of confidence you are going to need.”

“You know me so well!”

“I’m your best friend. That’s my job.”

So I carried everything up to the bedroom while she went to the kitchen to mix up our drinks and Karen’s husband went to find Rob in the pole barn, otherwise known as the Man Cave. Baby Robby and our daughter Kris were at my mom’s for the night. Woo Hoo. Adult time.

I was standing in the bathroom in nothing but a lacy thong rubbing creamy white makeup all over my body when Karen walked in with our drinks.

“Here let me help, you want it to be even.”

The makeup was smooth and flawless, not like most Halloween stuff. Plus it wasn’t thick and nasty either. Just enough to give me a bit of a white glow.

“God, D, this is going to look so fab with your dark hair and that crimson corset. I wish I had dark hair, I could look so much more vampish.”

I slipped on my skirt and a flannel shirt so I wasn’t standing around topless while we finished getting ready.

“Karen, I wish I had your supermodel thighs. You have got it going on with those shiny black thigh high boots and short shirt. You have the whole modern vamp thing going, sleek and sexy while I am so old school with the long skirt and opera gloves.”

“Yeah but you got the curves. I look like vampire Barbie...without the big boobs.”

We both giggled at that. It had been so long since we did the girl thing, getting ready to hit the town with our men. This felt good, I was starting to feel like myself again, and I was starting to accept the reflection in the mirror. I was still the same woman I had always been.

Finally after about an hour of painstakingly applying our Goth girl makeup with such precision it was time to lace me into my corset.

Thankfully we had practiced this a few times to get it just right so I could be comfortable while still whittling my waist a couple inches and pushing my breasts out for maximum effect.

I slipped on my gloves and put on a necklace then turned to look in the mirror.

“Karen, is that really me?” I whispered.

“It sure is, D and you are flat out gorgeous. Wow, honest to God I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look so beautiful.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My skin glowed, my hair was arranged in long waves everywhere-the light hitting the dark curls and shining with auburn highlights, my lips were full and blood red to match my corset, my eyes glittered dark and mysterious, and my curves…I had curves for days, they were like that pink bunny…they just kept going and going.

I stood there staring at myself while Karen went and grabbed her camera and started snapping photos. I even managed to strike a pose.

Then I heard Rob downstairs. “Hey ladies, come on it’s time to go or we are going to be more than fashionably late.”

“You go first Karen, I need to take a deep breath.”

“OK, just don’t chicken out you look fabulous,” She took off down the stairs.

I took another deep breath then decided I better descend or Rob was going to come after me and ruin my surprise.

I managed to gracefully make it down the stairs without twisting an ankle though I kept my eyes on the stairs so I wouldn’t trip. When I looked up all three of them were just staring at me. Rob had the biggest grin on his face, a very wolfish grin that made me think he wanted to devour me. Even Karen’s husband Tom was practically drooling over my cleavage. Karen finally smacked him so he would shut his mouth.

Rob walked up to me and offered his arm like a gentleman. He was wearing an old fashioned man’s opera cat and top hat to match my costume. “You look delicious my dear, good enough to eat.”

“Sure you are not taking this vampire thing a little too far there, sweetie.”

“Honey, I can’t wait to nibble on every single piece of flesh on your body tonight. Maybe we shouldn’t go, I don’t know if I want to share you. Maybe I should keep you all to myself.”

“No way, I got all dressed up we’re going out.”

“As you wish,” he said with a sigh.


We had a fabulous evening and everyone commented that I was the Belle of the Ball. No one could take their eyes off me. I was self conscious at first but after awhile I realized they weren’t looking at me like I was a freak, they were enjoying the view, so I let them enjoy.

Rob couldn’t keep his hands off me all night. I think part of him just wanted every guy to know I was his and he made that very clear. But he kept it up after we got home, too.

He got out his camera and took plenty of poses of me all dolled up, and in various states of being undressed. A couple with just my corset and heels on which was how we ended up making love…several times. He was completely naked, but I kept on my corset and heels…and then just the corset.

I think I am going to have to invest in a few more corsets.

(C) Copyright 2009 by Roxanne Rhoads
May not be reprinted without author permission

It is an example of custom short story with branding.

In a branded story I include links to a specific website and items for sale from the site in the story.

This is a service I offer. If you are interested in having custom stories written for your site to help promote sales please contact me at eroticroxanne @ yahoo.com (take out spaces).

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