Sunday, November 15, 2009

Calling All Authors with a Naughty Holiday Story

I am hosting a couple Christmas events in the month of December at my sites Fang-tastic Books and Roxanne's Realm.

Here at Roxanne's Realm I want to showcase hot holiday books - sexy, hot erotica books with a holiday theme, naughty Christmas erotica, sizzling winter get the picture. Hot stories with a winter/holiday/Christmas twist. I'll also consider erotic romance and regular romance stories with holiday themes.

Ebook and print authors are welcome to participate. I am scheduling guest blogs, interviews, giveaways and book promo days.
I'll gladly post your blurbs, excerpts, book videos and cover images if you sponsor a contest- just an offering of a free pdf download would be fabulous for this Christmas event.

Please help make the 25 Naughty Days of Christmas a success.

This is the first time I've done something like this here at Roxanne's Realm. I am planning to revamp this site by offering reviews, guest blogs and giveaways to make it more like my other site Fang-tastic Books, only this one is for erotica books and their authors.

So any author that has a sizzling holiday tale that they would like showcased please contact me at eroticroxanne @ yahoo. com to schedule a guest blog, interview and/or giveaway here at Roxanne's Realm
(If you have a holiday paranormal or urban fantasy tale I am hosting 25 Paranormal Days of Christmas over at Fang-tastic Books)