Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Win a Free Copy of Concubine by Geoff Chaucer

Greetings Blog travelers. My name is Geoffrey Chaucer—yes that one. I am an eternal. I rode to Canterbury amid good company and I have continued to travel down the ages gathering stories and having adventures as I go. One story I heard on an excursion to China is set forth by Damnation Books at It is a story of a concubine in ancient China who changes the empire with her lotus temple.

Ms. Rhoads said that I should perhaps talk about what inspires me to write my stories and I truly wish I could tell, but I simply don’t know. I fall into adventures and hear tales almost everywhere, some of a sexual nature and some not. For some reason, perhaps it is my kindly bearded face, many people are willing to tell me their most intimate secrets though I am quite open with them that I will probably re-tell their stories to strangers. Of course one would expect such a thing between men who love to recount their “conquests,” but I am often the recipient of wonderfully sexual stories from women of all ages. I have found many women ready to tease and confound me with tales so deliciously ribald that I can hardly believe I am hearing them even as they are being told. Perhaps any other man would be happy to simply remember these stories but, being quite elderly—I was after all born in 1343—I find it better to write them down thus assuring my own memory and amusement.

Recently I met a most lovely and delicious young woman who plays the cello. I met her at a Christmas Soiree where she and the string quartet she plays with were entertaining. Cello is a very sexual instrument. I have always loved the idea of a woman opening her legs to wrap them around the warm vibrating body of it and stroking it firmly but gently with her fingers. . .

At any rate, I began talking with her between sets and she told me of her life in music and where she began. Perhaps I will ask the nice people at Damnation books to tell that story someday. In the mean time, if we should meet somewhere and begin some intimate conversation remember, words are both ephemeral and eternal; they evaporate upon the air, but they can live forever in the mind of a traveler.

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The Emperor finds a certain concubine very pleasing. She studies with an old hetaera to make herself yet more pleasing but soon discovers that the old woman is actually in the employ of the Empress and has something other that the sexual pleasure of the Emperor in mind.

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Andrea I said...


Your interview was different and I liked your descriptive story of the young woman with the cello.

I would love to win a copy of Concubine. It sounds very interesting.

Judy said...

That was quite an interesting post. I am sure Concubine is a very entertaining story.
I collect oriental statues so I am very interested in your book.

Judy (

booklover0226 said...

Oh, this sounds interesting, indeed. Something very different from what I normally read. I look forward in reading it.

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

Misty said...

Well this one is a little different but, I like. I would love to read more.

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