Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Win a Free Pdf Download of My New Release Insatiable

To celebrate the ebook release of Insatiable I am offering one winner a free download.

This is a super hot erotica novella, five flames so 18 and older only please, it is quite graphic.

It isn't a Christmas story but it does have slight paranormal elements so hope you enjoy.

The print version of Insatiable will be available through Amazon.com later this month.


An unusual woman in need of sexual adventure finally frees herself from small town life and finds more than she bargained for in the big city.

Scarlett has an extraordinary appetite for sex; a completely insatiable need.

Unfortunately, she grew up in a small town where women like her were frowned upon and treated badly—and her sexual escapades did not go unnoticed. So when Scarlett decides to pack up and move, the last thing she expects is to find in her new city is Marcello, the most beautiful and erotic man she has ever laid eyes on and who seems to have an equal appetite for the pleasures of the flesh.

Despite only ever needing sex in the past, Scarlett soon finds that Marcello leaves her wanting more. But can love and her unquenchable thirst for sex exist together? Can he accept her for who and what she really is and find a way to let their passions sizzle for more than just a weekend?


There were several women and only one man in the room. The man was so gorgeous I stopped dead just to stare at him. I had never seen a man that was so beautiful, yet so masculine. He was naked, muscles rippling over his bronze flesh. His raven hair looked like dark silk in the candlelight. His square jaw was softened by full lips and his green eyes sparkled with unnatural brilliance. He was so hard he could have been carved from stone. He turned to look at me and his sensual lips formed the most inviting smile.

“Come join us,” he said. His voice was deep and sensual with a slight Italian accent. I was drawn to him. More than just desire coursed through me as I neared him. His eyes seemed to reach right into my soul and look around. I sat next to him on the pillows that covered the floor. I wanted to touch him, for him to touch me. Something stronger but similar to electricity was coursing between us. I wondered if he could feel it, or was it just me. I had never felt such an intense attraction to anyone before in my life.

“This must be your first time. I’ve never seen you before.” He looked at me with those dazzling green eyes. I swear his eyes caressed me. I could feel them all over my body as if he were touching me. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

“Yes, this is my first time at the club,” I replied. My voice was a little hoarse and I was dumbstruck by his sheer beauty and the intense sexuality that he exuded.

“Do you like it?” He asked.“Oh, yes. I like it very much.”

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mariska said...
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mariska said...

waaa...please count me in the drawing !

uniquas at ymail dot com

Sherry said...

I have seen the excerpt for this book before and thought it was good the more I see it the better I like it.
I'm a follower

Misty said...

Hey Roxanne
I'd love to read your new book. Insatiable sounds like a really hot read. The excerpt is great.

Im a follower og RR & Fang-tastic. I am also a yahoo group member.

misty_labean yahoo com

Judy said...

Great read!! I also like the cover.

I am a follower on both of your blogs and belong to your yahoo group.

Judy (magnolias_1@msn.com)

Estella said...

I would love to win a copy of Insatiable.

I am a follower.

kissinoak at verizon dot net

booklover0226 said...

This book sounds great; I look forward in reading it.

I am a follower (booklover0226)

I belong to your yahoo group (as bl0226)

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

Andrea I said...

I would love to win this!

I'm a follower and a member of your Yahoo group

The Scarf Princess said...

I could definitely use a steamy read right now....it's mighty cold outside! So definitely count me in.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

+1 I'm a follower
+1 I'm a member

elaing8 said...

I would really like to read this,please enter me in the giveaway

I am a follower


Tamsyn said...

I'm definitely over 18! Please throw my name in the hat. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I would love to read this. I am a follower of this blog and also follow ur yahoo group.


SiNn said...

sounds awesome deff on my wish list

mortalsinn at yahoo.com

SiNn said...

i follow your blog btw

THe Howell Family said...

I'm a follower, please enter me into the contest.


Unknown said...

** certainly some electricity in the air there ** geesh ... Loved the excpert.. would love to read..
I am already a follower on both here and facebook ;) congrads on the new release

Kat ;)