Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Friday, January 01, 2010

Another Review for Insatiable

Here's another wonderful review of Insatiable found at Seriously Reviewed-


WOW! Hard core and lots of sex! The good, naughty dirty, sexy, knee-melting kind :) What a rush!

A total turn on with a dirty girl twist :) Puts into a whole new light the term Nympho.

Scorching sex and lots of it all completed with a happy ending. Nothing could be better when reading a short erotic :) *SNAPS* on a job well done Ms Rhoads


Estella said...

Great review!

Sherry said...

This review really makes you want to run out and get the book.

Tamsyn said...

From the review, this sounds like a good read.