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I Don’t Write Erotica…Guest Blog with Andrew Richardson

Thank you, Roxanne, for having me.

I’ve always thought that one of the joys of both reading and writing is discovering a new genre. Erotica is something I’ve never really written or read, so I was particularly chuffed when Eternal Press accepted ‘The Shoot’.

I’m a committed horror writer, and I’ve always confessed to knowing very little about erotica. (I also confess to knowing very little about science fiction, fantasy, romance, mysteries, and… well, if it isn’t horror, I don’t know much about it. “I don’t understand anything that isn’t horror” has become almost my standard opening excuse for a sub-standard critique.)

Something I’m often asked, then, is how this horror writer ended up writing a female/female erotic piece without a scare scene or drop of blood in sight!

Well, ‘The Shoot’ was almost unintentional. When I put the words down on paper (or, rather, on screen), I had no idea that a stand-alone piece of GLBT erotica was going to come out of it!

The story fell out of my other Eternal Press release, a violent supernatural horror based around Celtic myths. ‘The Wood’ included a flashback scene that I included to provide a change of pace and a break from the violence; a couple of chapters showing my main character’s first romantic experience. Feedback I had from nearly everyone who saw an early draft was that it didn’t work in the context of the story, so I reluctantly ended up cutting the flashback. Despite not using the chapters I’d snipped, I was quite happy with them and didn’t feel ready to press the ‘delete’ button just yet.

Despite having ‘The Wood’ published by Eternal Press, I still missed my romantic flashback! I eventually decided it might work as a stand-alone piece, so it was duly rewritten, mainly to put into context some of the events that would have been more obvious if read as part of ‘The Wood’. I also added an extra scene to bring it into line with Eternal Press’s length requirements. Add some help on specific needs of the erotic genre from fellow-Eternal Press author Gianna Bruno, and I had a story I’d never intended to write, and that I’d never really had to think hard about!

And now, following the story’s first review – which was quite pleasing - I wonder if I should think about giving erotica another try.


Kath Mahoney only attends her friend’s first glamour photo shoot because Pippa needs someone to drive her there. Kath expects to find the day boring, but her interest is stirred when the photographer, Rob, turns out to be a sexy, blonde, former glamour model called Robyn.Kath allows herself to be talked into posing with Pippa. She warms to the sexy poses, and enjoys the photographer’s attention. When Robyn invites Kath back for a solo shoot, Pippa is crushed. Even before Kath steps into the studio, though, Kath suspects that neither she nor Robyn will be particularly interested in taking photographs.

“And how about you?” Robyn asked. Kath’s brows rose. “Me?” “Well, it’s just as easy to take pictures of two as it is of one. And if she’s with someone she knows, it might ensure that your friend—Philippa, isn’t it?—is totally relaxed.”
“I haven’t got anything to wear.” Kath pointed to her casual clothes. “It’s hardly modelling material.”
“Don’t worry about that. I’ve got a wardrobe through there. You can choose whatever you like.” Robyn nodded toward the door Pippa had disappeared through. “Have you ever been photographed before?”
“Not since I was a kid. Mum hired someone every year so she’d have a picture of me and my sister to send to relatives at Christmas.”
Robyn regarded her. “You’re a gorgeous girl, Kath. I’m pretty sure you’d be really photogenic. I’d really encourage you to give it a go.”
Kath’s cheeks warmed. She pushed her hair behind an ear in an embarrassed gesture, but agreed to pose. She followed Pippa into the changing room.
She told me I was gorgeous. A smile curled Kath’s lips
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SiNn said...

sounds awesome Roxanne your blog introduces me to many ne wto me authors another one i wanan read

Gianna Bruno said...

Andrew, you've always been very self-effacing.You write very sensual scenes (even though they are horror stories) which I how I got interested in reading your work in the first place.

Anyway, I loved The Shoot from the time it was a part of The Wood and you really polished it to high sheen. Glad I could be of help, but the story was superb even before that.

tigger9 said...

I'd love to win a copy of this book. It sounds fantastic.

halukacy said...

Sounds great!

Wayland said...

Sexy fiction. Woohoo. Way

Andrew Richardson said...

Thank you to everybody who left a comment. I wish I could give everyone a copy, but I'll be in touch with a couple of random winners on Tuesday.

booklover0226 said...

Andrew, you're a new writer to me; I look forward in reading your works.

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT COM