Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bedtime Stories for Lovers

Erotica Novels Bring Romance to Bedtime

Women and men are discovering that 21st century romance novels are sexier and more erotic. The sex scenes are hotter and steamier and much more graphic. It's actually a whole new genre of writing mainly for the woman who isn't afraid of her sexuality. It's called erotica and you can find it in regular bookstores and many places online. Erotica has found a home with many mainstream book publishers, in anthologies and on many websites.

One great website for short erotic stories is They have something for everyone.

Erotica is not just about the sex, but it's not your mom's old romance novels either. Since these stories are hotter, sexier and lacking in the sappiness of the old romance novels men can enjoy them too. What a great way to heat up your night. You can read sexy bedtime stories to each other. You can either pick out a short story or just pick a steamy scene from a novel to read out loud to one another. Many erotica publishers are also offering audio erotica, stories you can listen to on tape or CD. That will leave you available to concentrate on the story and each other without a book getting in the way.

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