Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Banging my Head on My Desk

So I've spent my day jumping from photo editing program to program trying to find one that likes me.

So far...nada.

I am no good with his stuff and reading directions doesn't work. I need someone to SHOW me how to work this stuff and I got no one. So I am getting nowhere.

What I am trying to so is create a poster for my son's open house.

I scanned all of his old school photos and baby pictures along with his senior photo. I wanted to put his senior picture right in the middle then create a border or something with smaller images of when he was younger.

How far have I gotten...his senior picture is in the middle.

With Adobe I can't figure out how to add new photos. With Microsoft I can add a new photo but not resize it right so everything goes downhill from there and with paint...nothing goes right there at all.

I hate this.

I hate not being able to do something I set my mind to do.

I have a free 16x20 canvas from uprinting that I have to claim by April 30 or I lose it. I wanted to make this collage and put it on the print and surprise my boy with it for his open house. I thought it would be really special.

Too bad I can't get anything to work.

This is why I stick to writing.

When I dabble with art I do it the old fashioned way- with pen, ink, paint, glue, and scissors - these digital photo programs are giving me more gray hair than my children.


Robin K said...

In Adobe Photoshop, open your main image and all of the photos. Then click on the background layer in the layers pallet of the photo you want to add to the main image and drag the layer into the main image.

To change the size use the transform control on the layer to be changed (command T on Mac).

Roxanne Rhoads said...

are you speaking chinese?


yeesh, I have no idea

I am trying I a really am, but I cna't get all of the photos to open in one place and have the layers work

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Thanks for the advice Robin and Jeremy

I am playing with Adobe now and working on trying to get things to open and move in the right places

elaing8 said...

You should try Paint Shop Pro. Its pretty easy to use.
Just open you pictures in the program..then open a new image,make it the size you want.
Then copy and paste your pics on it (each as new layer),so you can move and add stuff to each pic if you want.
I'm sure its pretty much the same in Photoshop or other programs.
Hope that helps a bit.