Haunted Flint

Haunted Flint

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Read at Oysters and Chocolate: Something More Than Friends

I have a steamy new erotica read up at OystersandChocolate.com- free for your reading pleasure.

I slid my mouth over Dave’s, tasting cigarettes, Jack Daniels and that flavor that was uniquely his; it was part of that certain something special that drew me to him and always brought me back, making me want more.

Maybe it was because he was forbidden. You know how we always love things that are forbidden, especially when we’re young and consequences aren’t as real as they become when you’re older and wiser.

Dave was my best friend’s ex-boyfriend. His ex, Jannie, and I had been BFFs forever, so the rules clearly stated that exes were off limits, even if she was now thousands of miles away, pregnant (not by him) and married. It didn’t matter how close he and I had become since she moved away. She and I were still BFFs and he was her one that got away. So, Dave and I shouldn’t have been doing…whatever the hell it was we were doing. You couldn’t call it dating; I wasn’t sure what to call it.

Something had drawn Dave and I together, maybe we were bonded in our loneliness. Neither one of us could have the person we really wanted. His love was on again off again and mine… was so… complicated. Complicated as in married. Dave’s girl was just psycho if you ask me. Who knows? Young love is always so dramatic.

So, Dave and I commiserated with each other, bonded in our sorrow, found comfort in each other. We had always been rather close, even playful and flirty, but the last couple of months we had progressed from friends to friends with benefits.

But no one could know except us.

I broke off the kiss and threw my head back as his hands slid under my shirt pushing my bra aside, “God, Nicki, you feel so good.” He moaned against my neck sending shivers down my spine. His nuzzling kisses trailed up my neck, then he moved back to my lips, this time really kissing me.

I think I stopped breathing.

When he put everything into it, his kisses were exquisite. My heart stilled as my chest grew tight. The ache made me want to cry. I returned his kiss to push away the flood of emotion that threatened to drown me in tears if I didn’t distract myself with the pleasure of his body.

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joder said...

Great snippet! You almost feel a part of things. Very emotional and the description of the kiss is lovely. For me, a kiss can be just as sexy (if not more so) than sex itself. Don't you agree?

Wenona said...

I agree, great emotional story

And Oh yes, it all starts with the kiss...

Kisses are so amazing and can be the start of something extremely sexy