Thursday, June 10, 2010

Contest and Survey from Xcite Books

Xcite has just launched a fun competition called "Where in the World" you could win £100 worth of books or ebooks!

Basically they just need a photo of you, your partner, a friend, your dog reading an Xcite book anywhere in the world.

It just needs to be a quick pic taken on a phone but obviously, the funnier or quirkier the better (clean and decent though please!)

To enter simply email images stating where they were taken to

Xcite is also conducting a survey on ebook reading habits.

So far it shows that 60% are reading ebooks directly on their PC or laptop - how about you?

If you have a second (it's literally one click, no personal info) please do the survey even if you don't read ebooks.

It's on the home page, halfway down on the righthand side.


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