Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Third New Release This Week- Alfresco Loving

Wow, three new releases in one week!

I'm on a roll!

But alas this is my final new release for the week and probably for awhile.

The newest erotic ebook from Xcite contains my story "Welcome Spring"- it's about a nature goddess.

The ebook is titled Alfresco Loving and its available from for $4.51- here check out the details:

A collection of five erotic stories that feature outdoor sexual experiences.

Welcome Spring by Roxanne Rhoads

Tom is scouting a forest area for his land-developer boss when he encounters a beautiful woman naked in the forest performing some kind of ritual. He is intrigued and highly aroused so he hides in the shadows watching her with complete fascination. Ardwinna, the Earth witch and protector of the land, knows Tom is watching and takes extra delight in his arousal as she performs her spring fertility ritual that includes bringing herself to climax, while he watches. When she invites him to join her, he gladly accepts her offer.

Surfs up for Suzie by J. Troy Seate

When Suzie’s best friend invites her to the coast she is ready for fun and frolics, but is amazed at the brave new world awaiting. The beach is a place where guys and girls abandon their inhibitions along with their clothes. Plenty of guys want to teach her ‘beach games’ and over the course of a week Suzie develops a taste for sun, sea and sexy adventures.

Burano Lace by Giselle Renarde

Newlyweds Lainey and Polo never knew how Burano's beautiful lace was discovered until they stopped to chat with elders of the colourful Venetian island. Like all legends, the tale defies belief. A mermaid taught a local maiden how to weave? A likely story! But the villagers are adamant la sirena is still out there in the waters around the island. Challenged to see for themselves, the newlyweds row to a tiny isola in hopes of spotting a mermaid. There, they discover just how real a mythical creature can become when loneliness and lust take over.

Full Moon by Viva Jones

Emily, the wealthy owner of a Cote d’Azur villa, is upset when her husband doesn’t tear himself away from business to go on holiday with her. As she watches the full moon, she discovers that a young couple of backpackers have sneaked on to her property and are skinny-dipping in the pool. Inspired, Emily instigates a threesome, and remembers what it was like to feel spontaneous and free.

The Key by Landon Dixon

He was a man used to living in the shadows. Until she came running into his life, begging for help. She gave him a kiss and a key, and those two precious things opened up a whole new, bright world for the man in the shadows.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations on all these releases! Ardwinna already has me turned on. ; )