Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Eternal Desire Won the Pen and Muse Short Story Competition

I am proud to say my novella Eternal Desire is officially an award winning story.

It won second place in in the published category.

I usually don't enter contests but I found this one at the last when minute when the deadline was quickly encroaching and I said what the heck and entered it.

Today I received this email:

"Congratulations! You are the second place winner for published in the short story contest! Must say that Eternal Desire was HOT and on fire!"

So I have my first career writing award under my belt (all those awards back during school days don't count because I was just a kid)

This is a real, career oriented award and now maybe I'll have the courage and motivation to enter more contests.

Eternal Desire can be purchased for your Kindle or in print at Amazon.com


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Congratulations on your award!

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