Saturday, July 24, 2010

Excerpt form Alresco Loving

Here's an exclusive excerpt of "Welcome Spring" available in the Alfresco Loving collection from Xcite.

What he saw took his breath away.

A curvaceous woman with long flowing auburn hair was stripping off her clothing.

Was she going for a swim? he wondered. It was awfully cold still to go in the water. The temperature had only crept over 60 degrees a few times; the water would still be like ice. No way, she couldn't be going in the river. What was she doing?

He crept up behind a large tree and continued to watch her. His curiosity and his libido were both piqued.

She was stunning. In addition to her long auburn hair that lit up like glowing fire when the sun touched it, she had perfect ivory skin. Not pale and pasty, no ivory. Smooth like cream with a touch of gold. And now that smooth creamy skin was completely bare for Tom to enjoy as the gorgeous and crazy stranger stripped off her panties and socks and placed them in a neat pile with the rest of her clothes.

She stood on a deep purple blanket among a circle of things he couldn't make out. A small boom box sat at the edge of the blanket playing some new age type music all smooth and psychedelic with something that sounded like wind chimes. Surprisingly very peaceful. He felt chilled until he looked at her again and felt something altogether different. He watched as she grabbed a bowl of something and started walking in a circle, pouring it on the ground outside of where the blanket lay. Sugar or maybe salt, yeah it looked like she was pouring a bowl of salt in a circle around the blanket.

Ardwinna knew he was there, she could feel his eyes following her every move and it felt good to be watched … by someone other than the birds.

She cast her circle with the sea salt, starting at the north and walking clockwise until she closed the circle and felt the familiar snap of energy. She then lit her candles and called her corners, then prepared to perform her ritual.

She pulled out her oil and her special wand, knowing the man was really going to enjoy the show. His energy would add to her own and make the ritual more potent. Normally the only audience she ever had was a few birds and maybe a deer or two. This was going to be fun, she thought with a smile, careful not to look his way.

What was this beautiful creature doing? Tom wondered. She walked around in a circle, lit candles, played strange music and was now chanting some strange language he had never heard before … all while naked in the middle of the forest. Was he dreaming? Did he fall and bump his head? Was this a strange new fantasy? He pinched himself and almost swore out loud. Damn, that hurt. Nope, definitely not dreaming.

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