Thursday, July 22, 2010

Excerpt from Red Hot Reads 3

Here's a sultry excerpt from Red Hot Reads 3, a little piece of my story "Restless in the Storm"- it's a hot summer day and a storm is brewing which always makes Angie a little 'bothered".

If you are looking for a steamy summer read this is it.

Alone I sat on the porch with my cellphone next to me. I twitched, I fidgeted, I watched the storm clouds roll in. I gave in to the restlessness and lit a cigarette. I only smoked during storms. Taking a deep drag, the first faux wave of calm settled within me and left me a little lightheaded.

I took another puff for good measure to stop the shaking.

I sat back and reached for my sweet tea and felt the sweat roll down my back and drip down my spine while another bead tickled a trail between my breasts. The heat was stifling and the impending storm made the air even heavier. The dark clouds were really starting to roll in, too, turning day into an eerie, dreary grey green colour. It was all making me a bit claustrophobic.

Could you suffocate in the open air? It sure felt like it.

I pulled and tugged at my clothes wishing I was naked. I could be, but the temptation to do things would be too much and, without Adam, it just wasn't as satisfying. I needed him to quench my thirst, to sate my lust, to stop the overwhelming need inside me.

I took a couple more hits from the cigarette then stubbed it out in the shiny glass ashtray. It had been so nice and clean, and now I'd sullied it with the butt, squashing it down, making sure it didn't smoulder as I smeared dark ash all over the shiny bottom. I wanted to be sullied, I wanted to get dirty then let the rain wash me clean.

I dragged my hand over the hot crotch of my shorts and tapped my fingers over the zipper. The light pressure set my body blazing. Damn, I knew I shouldn't have done that. If Adam didn't get home soon I would have to take matters into my own hands.

With one hand, I reached for my cell and hit the speed dial button to call Adam. Again. The other hand slid inside my shorts. I gently caressed the outside edges of my trembling flesh, feeling the smoothness of my swollen lips. I was tempted to do more when he finally answered his phone, "Baby, I'm almost home."

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