Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Excerpt of Escape Into Darkness in Lust Bites

Here's an exclusive excerpt of "Escape into Darkness" in the Lust Bites ebook available at

This place did seem to pulse with an energy none of the other clubs had. I didn't dare let that flicker of hope rise inside me, though. I had been disappointed too many times before.

I scanned the crowd some more until my eyes landed on a large but lean, godlike man sitting at the bar. Dark waves of silky hair flowed away from a face that seemed to be chiseled out of stone. Fiery green eyes burned into me as his gaze met mine. I felt a sense of recognition but did not know why. Surely I would have remembered this man if I had met him before.

He motioned to a waitress and I looked away from him. I suddenly felt shy and didn‟t want him to get the wrong idea. I was lost in a daze when the waitress put a drink in front of me.

"What's this? I didn't order anything," I said to the busty blonde cocktail waitress wearing very red lipstick, red high heels and not much else.

She smiled and replied, "It's something special from Devlin."

"Who's Devlin?" I asked.

"He's the owner of the place; he's sitting at the bar over there, the one with the dark hair, emerald eyes, and muscle-bound body. I'm sure you noticed him, he doesn't exactly blend into a crowd."

"No … he doesn't," I murmured as I turned to give a smile of thanks to Devlin, but he was gone.

The waitress walked away giggling and jiggling as I took a sip of the strange looking green drink.

I woke up in a dark, dank place. It was cold and musty; I reasoned that it must be some kind of basement. I heard pulsating music coming from above me. Then I remembered that I had been in a club. I must be under it now. But how did I get here? The last thing I remembered was a waitress bringing me a strange drink that she said was from Devlin, the sexy hunk and owner of the club who had been sitting at the bar. After that everything went blank … until now.

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